Since , B Cockpit Companion has been a valued resource for airline pilots worldwide. B Cockpit Companion steps far beyond the "need to know" philosophy that is characteristic of modern systems training, and which frustrates many line pilots. The app is much more than an "eBook. The app features a touch-based navigation scheme, so you can start with the top-level cockpit view, and find notes specific to the panel you deal with. It also contains a number of reference options, so you can look up data without having to work through the control panels. Of interest to students or prospective pilots, we also include: - A sample Limitations function.

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Nagul Please remember that this app is user-driven, so if you see anything missing, let us know! Example of a page from the Cockpit Companion. It has compajion level of comprehensive depth. As of this writing, the digital Cockpit Companion is not available for Android yet. Written by an Aviator for Aviators real or virtual The cockpit companion, written by an aviator for aviators, cockpiit very concise, easy to read and understand.

Of interest to students or prospective pilots, we also include: Very helpfull, does anyone have an A series equivalent they might be able to suggest? Find More Posts by Paolo de Angelis. Surface area of these actuators is larger than the retract actuator. Learn how your comment data is processed. Apple kindly expedited the posting of 1.

We now support zooming in on circuit breakers. All funds are used to offset the cost of server and website hosting Thank You Guestbook make an entry. It includes extensive details on all of the cockpit sections: Deleting the app will delete all notes. Enter your email address: When you browse a control head, for instance, you will see only content related to that control head. All related drawings have been corrected. The description of the bypass valve has companiom moved to the Manual Gear System Notes.

No matter what your skill level, It is a very handy reference and strongly recommended. You compaion not post new threads. Locate the Cockpit Companion. Please contact us for info. Find More Posts by paulkinm. I have tried both of Bill Bulfers email addresses, bbulfer kingwoodcable. Added an external power diagram Touch the X, and confirm. Re-wrote APP switch and mode. Enter the pocket reference guide.

Adventures in Cockpit Building. Changed the wing anti-ice diagram on the Anti-Ice System Notes. Added the new start lever that illuminates during an engine fire test or engine fire. Will continue with this job thru next update.

May add the parking brake next month. Every page and field you find in the FMC ocmpanion explained in great detail. Writing for a cross section of readers from differing cultures and languages with varying degrees of technical ability, can at times be challenging. I, too, have tried to obtain these books but they are not available on Amazon any longer although they once were. Added the new parking brake lever. The small size allows easy storing in the throttle side pockets. The link to Leading Edge Publishing is in the article, but the site is http: Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the upper DU engine indication operations.

Well, it turns out that all of the actual cickpit for this app came from the renown Bill Bulfer, a major airline Captain turned author. I hope there are not too many spelling and grammatical mistakes. Tech Log The very best in practical technical discussion on the web.

The companion may look small, but the information it includes is detailed and informative. Re-wrote flap position indicator. Updating is a continual process. For example, this book is where I learned that the light grey panels on the forward overhead are what systems are affected by pulling a fire handle. Related Articles.


Boeing 737 NG Cockpit Companion

View Printer Friendly Version. If yours is still wrong, please let me know. This can be printed and used in preparation for your initial or recurrent training. Locate the Cockpit Companion. Usage steps are laid out with graphical and textual examples.








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