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Jurr The slave generates a waho fault message. Parameter Value Wave resistance The bus termination at the start and end of the bus line must be installed. See the attached picture, and the original text for more explanations. A bus for the bit parallel data transmission comprises of address, data, control and supply bus.

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They are located on either side of the modules. In the Federal Republic of Germany, various national regulations for the installation in explosive areas must be taken into consideration. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. And you seem to have no end module installed to terminate the module bus, ther should always be one part number See the following quote, from the same manual, section 5. I believe the following link is the one you showed originally; it contains a sample configuration for as a Profibus slave to a SDP master:.

Only disconnect the equipment when the power supply has been switched off or the area is known to be a non-explosive area. Hello Karim; Please look at the following discussion on the Siemens forum, specially the last one: Hi dchartier thank you a lot for all this helpful informations.

The device supply is intended both for the system and the field units. Power Jumper Contacts g01xx00d Danger The power contacts are sharp-edged. The bus line comprises of a twisted and screened pair of wires. A maximum of bytes of data is transmitted from the master to the coupler or from the node to the output data. In reply telegram of the diagnosis selection the identification based diagnosis and the device status are transmitted together with the standard diagnosis. A structure is added to the device status for each faulty slot.

Please check that there is a section on using these switches for addressing in the manual already mentioned and come back to us. Attachment Wago Firmware version. The conductor is clamped securely with the removal of the actuation tool. Tell us about it. Following this, enter the conductor in the opening.

For output modules PWM output 6 byte parameterisation data follow, used for saving the substitute values for a maximum of 2 channels 2 words. The service to be provided is requested by the Client. The diagnosis message can be suppressed or released for each individual channel by means of modules capable of diagnostics. The slave generates a detailed diagnosis message. Best regards Blue Moderator. Attention Marginal conditions must always be observed to ensure smooth operation.

In the initialisation phase the bus coupler the physical structure of the node and wao a process image from this with all inputs and outputs. S Segment A network is generally structured by Router or Repeater in various physical network segments. The bus termination at the start and end of the bus line must be installed.

Attachment Wago LED diagnostics. Product Support Wzgo Forum mySupport. The diagnostic buffer of the S7 CPU should contain messages detailing the source of the problem.

Attention Switch off the system prior to working on bus modules! Most 10 Related.


WAGO 750-333



WAGO 750-333 Profibus DP 12 Mbd/dpv1



WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750-333 PROFIBUS DP 12MBd /DPV1 Feldbuskoppler


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