Tags: class options fantasy feats Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition traits Aasimar: Heirs of Glory Born as scions of celestial spirits, aasimar stand as proof that the mortal world is infused with touches of the divine. From relentless adversaries of evil to eccentric benefactors of justice, aasimars have developed many traits and techniques unique to the heirs of the upper planes. Using these abilities, aasimars strike out to make a place for themselves in the world, and now you can join their ranks! Filled with variant racial abilities, including aasimar bloodlines, new class features, feats and character traits, Aasimar: Heirs of Glory is an advanced guide to playing an aasimar. Using these tools, players and GMs can create an endless number of unique, memorable aasimar characters. And of course, since anything that players have access to is fair game for a GM, quick and easy guides for creating random aasimar NPCs are also included.

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Sign in to create or edit a product review. Solid if not exciting Kolokotroni — Apr 20, , pm Sometimes you set out to create player options and you end up with something that is more a tool for GMs.

That is what I see this product as. It provides a host of options and customizations for Aasimars, but nothing really stands out as an exciting thing that really makes me want to make my next character an Aasimar. What I think it does very well is give DMs a tool to flesh out their Aasimar npcs very easily. Alternate racial abilities, and defining features are laid out in neat tables to allow for random generation.

A very useful tool if you suddenly have need of an Aasimar npc you havent planned for. For those who have ever had a party member take the population breakdown of a town or a city as a challenge to meet every one of the races mentioned, its nice to have a table to roll on to bring up a detailed character to life quickly.

Airin the Elysian Blooded, Steadfast, healer, with Copper Hair and silver fingernails, already has a ton of character even before the first words are exchanged with the PCs. And that is before rolling on the origin chart on page 16, which provides 12 interesting starts for an Aasimars Backstory.

They have detailed backgrounds, and descriptions. They even come with individual hooks to work them into your campaign. There is also the issue of some of the information in the product conflicting with the Advanced Race Guide. In particular the age, height and weight charts, and the racial favored class bonuses differ from the ARG.

The discussion of the assimar begins with the obligatory fluff aptly-written, btw. In the tradition of the Dhampir-supplement, we also get 8 alternative sets of attribute-modifiers to represent aasimar from e. Jyoti, Triton, Archon, etc. In order to balance the additional flexibility of these attribute-modifiers, it is suggested to make a trait obligatory - neat option for Dms like your truly who are very conscious of balance. We also get 11 different alternative skill-sets depending on ancestry and 11 alternate spell-like abilities to choose from.

While I like this customizability, DMs and players should be aware that the respective abilities are supposed to be explained by the aasimar-bloodline, so wild combinations might lead to strange ancestries. After these basic pieces of information, we delve into aasimar and class-relations, alternate favored class options for bard, cavalier, cleric, druid, inquisitor, monk, ninja, oracle, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorceror and summoner.

We also get a new cavalier-order, the order of the beacon a kind of hunter of the evil forces, ok rules. The clerics get 4 new subdomains Couatl, Elysian, Jyoti and Triton , monks get the Fist of Heaven archetype rather boring, gain good-aligned unarmed strike etc. We also get 7 new feats to be taken at first level that help further customize your aasimar, 7 new traits and a whole page of distinguishing features that range from exotic eye-colors glowing and normal to glowing hands, halos, scales and feathers etc.

The second part of the pdf contains sample npcs, who all get the full NPC-treatment, i. In addition to the content of the pdf, we also get a one-page web-enhancement covering foo-blooded aasimar, garuda-blooded aasimar, kami-blooded aasimar and finally peri-blooded aasimar, including 4 variant skilled abilities and 4 variant spell-like abilities.

The pdf comes with extensive bookmarks and a version optimized for use with e-readers as well as a pdf with collated stats for your Raging Swan statblock library. All in all, I did enjoy this particular pdf - the abilities, backgrounds etc.

I was a bit surprised to see not favored class option for the samurai in the book and enjoyed most of the options.

The background stories and distinguishing features rock, as do the sample aasimar. Apart from one - at no time while reading this did I really think "eureka! Endzeitgeist out.


Aasimar: Heirs of Glory

Vilabar Aasimars begin play speaking Common and Celestial. You gain fire resistance 5. If your body is placed on consecrated ground and prayers ylory your deity are recited continuously for 24 hours, you return to life as if by a raise dead spell. Heirs of Glory is an advanced guide to playing an aasimar.



Nikolrajas Aasimar heritage can lie dormant for generations, only to appear gloryy in the child of two apparently human parents. Shop the Open Gaming Store! However, even if they generally tend toward human societies, aasimars can become comfortable in virtually any environment. Incorruptible Occasionally, aasimars arise with the ability to further ward away evil.


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