They also learn about thelogicandcomplexityof migration to new General Ledger Accounting. At the conclusion of the course, the participants will be able to start a migration project migration packages 1 to 5 in their own company or for a customer. You can also gain an idea of thenumberofmigration projectsthat have already been completed and read theexperiences of customers involved in migration projects. Lesson: Number of Migration Projects and Customer Experiences Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, the participant will be able to: Look up how many migration projects have been successfully completed throughout the world up to April Describe the experiences that SAP customers have had to date with the migration tools See the reference customers for migration to new General Ledger Accounting Unit 2 The Migration Subproject Basics Unit Overview Regardless of the particular migration scenario see unitSAP General Ledger Migration Service and Standard Migration Scenarios , there arebasic statements and considerationsthat apply to all migration projects.

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Our Recognitions See what our Alumni says Very comprehensive materials with a clear presentation. I have been teaching digital forensics for over 10 years and I found this training to be very interesting and on-point — Paul Spranger I have completed the course Analyzing data with Power BI.

The instructor Mr. Abhishek Kumar delivered interactive sessions which were impressively informative. He went through the content in detail which showcased that he has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. He set up a collaborative medium between instructor and students. You can ask questions and he will give you a presenter view where you can share what you have learnt. Instructor Abhishek Kumar is a terrific subject expert.

I will be happy to take more courses with Learnfly from this experience and recommend it to everyone as well. A job well done! I am now going to practice the content taught by Mr. Abhishek so that I can deliver it in my career pursuits. The trainers were good and provided conceptual understanding for core concepts and technology. They supported me throughout the training and even guided me for job opportunities. I would surely recommend Learnfly to everyone.

It was very useful and enlightening. The training session was great — interactive as well as informative. Trainers were very helpful and offered personal assistance during the training and career guidance after it.


AC212 - Migration to new General Ledger Accounting

Tebar From the posting data for the fiscal years prior to the migration date, only open items and balances are migrated to the new General Ledger. You activate the new General Ledger at client level. You perform the migration from the migratino General Ledger to the new General Ledger at client level and it affects all company codes in this client. This configuration overrides the general setting for validation. For more information about shortened fiscal years, see Note No, a Unicode system is not required. The migration cockpit is the migration tool recommended by SAP. This issue is most likely to occur if you have cross-company code postings.


Migration to the New General Ledger

In particular in the case of a new conception of accounting, there are two aspects to the transition to new General Ledger Accounting: firstly, a conceptual business part, and secondly, a technical part dealing with the migration of the existing accounting data to the new structures for General Ledger Accounting. Employees involved in the migration project need to have attended the AC and AC courses or have equivalent knowledge. Implementation Considerations The new features relate to very extensive changes, the transition to new General Ledger Accounting is very complex, and the data volume involved is not to be underestimated. A comprehensive analysis of your situation at the outset and the detailed planning of the migration are crucial to the success of the migration. We therefore recommend setting up an individual project for the migration, entailing project phases, milestones, and so forth, and taking the appropriate steps to ensure sufficient testing and training. Preparing and performing the steps relating to the technical part of the migration of the data is of central importance for such a project and must be conducted with extreme caution and thoroughness to ensure that the principles of orderly accounting are still upheld after the migration. This mandatory technical service relates to the standard migration scenarios and contains a scenario-specific General Ledger Migration Cockpit and service sessions to ensure the quality of the data and of the migration project.


Migration to new General Ledger Accounting



AC212 Migration to new General Ledger Accounting


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