Also having to read this for my Politics of Rock-n-Roll class. Rock and roll ignited a fire of controversy for America and created many different opinions. It started during the civil rights movement and invented the term "race music". Rock and roll was started a rebellion in teens and most of these actions were blamed on African When Glenn C.

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Altschuler by itchy fish Historian Glenn C. This is especially apparent in his chapters regarding race and sexuality. He explains the vast majority of emotions, feelings, values and stereotypes that are hard to find from any one point of view on the subject. Segregationist whites were threatened by a sweeping wave of Supreme Court judgments in favor of integration and the Black community in general i. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas and a victory for the Montgomery Improvement Association in the desegregation of city busses.

Many White people of the time were accustomed to and valued a separation of the races, but were now legally forced to operate against those segregationist values. Altschuler presents a stunning account of an assault on Nat King Cole, arguably one of the most docile African American performers of the time. Nat King Cole not only suffered the bruising from the White audience who ambushed him, but also a tongue lashing from Black activists who scolded him for not demanding integrated venues to begin with p.

White radio producers were beginning to hide Black performers from White audiences. Iconic artists like Pat Boone, Elvis and Georgia Gibbs made their start by assisting in the exploitation of Black artists. He brings up another political consideration, regarding youths and contraceptives. Before this, the reigning values were that young people should abstain from sex completely. However, the value publically espoused in government eventually became that young people should engage in safe sex.

The older generation used many tactics to resist the trend. The situation eventually escalated into full censorship, until disc jockeys and music hall owners refused to play Black records in general. Parents did not want their sons and daughters listening to wild rocker Little Richard Penniman, but would let them listen to Pat Boone. It shows that a culture conflict usually always has a deeper context to be found. Source: Altschuler, Glenn. New York: Oxford University Press,


All Shook Up



Summary of All Shook Up: How Rock N’ Roll Changed America by Glenn C. Altschuler


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