The vessel, built in the Japanese Mitsubishi shipbuilding yard, started its operations as a cargo carrier in the early s under the name Trentwood. In the year , after being sold to its present owners, it was re-christened as the Solitaire and began its intended operations as a pipe-laying ship. This has completely separated the Solitaire from the rest of her pipe-laying peers, adding further credibility to her operational existence after almost 15 years of servicing. Solitaire measures almost metres lengthwise, when her pipe-laying equipments are taken into account. Excluding these instruments, the vessel still measures a more-than respectable length of metres with a breadth of

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Overview[ edit ] Allseas is an international offshore contractor specialising in the execution of large and complex projects, covering pipeline installation, platform installation and removal, and the installation of subsea infrastructure.

The company provides support to clients already in the conceptual design stage and offer services for project management, engineering, fabrication, procurement, installation and commissioning.

Allseas Engineering B. Designed entirely in-house, the m long, m wide vessel can lift platform topsides up to 48, t and steel jackets up to 20, t. The company spent its early days developing the concept of dynamically positioned DP subsea pipelay. The vessel was christened Lorelay in Rotterdam on 26 April In , the company declared its intention to build a vessel capable of lifting entire offshore platforms. The initial idea featured two rigidly connected, self-propelled supertankers, with a large slot at the bows to install platform topsides in one piece.

Allseas awarded the conversion contract to Sembawang Shipyards in Singapore on a lump sum basis; however, due to ongoing problems the contract was terminated in The ship was subsequently converted at the Swan Hunter yard on Tyneside, England.

The m long dynamically positioned pipelay vessel Audacia became operational two years later. At m long and m wide the vessel would be the largest ever built. The choice to name the ship after a Nazi SS member provoked an outcry from some politicians and Jewish groups around the world.

In February , Allseas stated that the name would change to "Pioneering Spirit".



Kimuro Operational since and optimised for laying medium and large diameter pipelines at high speed, she is highly competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world. As a result of the large number of welding stations on board, Solitaire is capable of installing over 1, km of pipeline in a single year, while her average pipelaying speed on large projects is almost double that of the largest competing lay vessels. For a technical superintendent like Pesman, who must keep all the new technology maintained and spare parts in stock, soliitaire is surely priceless to have a flexible partner who delivers on its promises. The timing of this job had changed numerous times in the preceding months, most recently in January. In the S-Lay methodas the laying barge moves forward, the pipe is eased off the stern, curving downward through the water until it reaches the touchdown point.


Файл:Allseas' Solitaire, pijplegschip.jpg

The Allseas Solitaire is 1, feet long, longer than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. The helipad is perched on the front of the Solitaire, and notwithstanding gusty mph winds, the pilot made the landing look easy. Views from the Bridge The walls of the bridge were lined with video monitors showing locations throughout the Solitaire, as well as underwater views of the descending pipeline. The underwater cameras regularly captured schools of large fish swimming by. Next on the tour was the rear deck, where stacks of newly loaded concrete-coated pipe were awaiting assembly.


Solitaire – The Largest Pipe Laying Vessel in the World

Activiteiten[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Allseas levert diensten op zee aan energiemaatschappijen. De belangrijkste diensten zijn het leggen van pijpleidingen en het verwijderen van platforms. De diensten worden wereldwijd aangeboden. Schepen[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] In telde de vloot van Allseas drie pijplegschepen Solitaire , Lorelay en Audacia , een support schip Calamity Jane en een ponton Tog Mor in beheer.


Inspired by the offshore heavy lifting pioneer Pieter Schelte Heerema —81 and designed completely in-house, the vessel is designed for the single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines. Capable of lifting entire platform topsides of up to 48, t and jackets up to 20, t in a single piece, she significantly reduces the amount of offshore work associated with installation and decommissioning, moving the work onshore where it is safer and more cost effective. The twin-hulled vessel is m long and m wide. Complementing the lifting systems is a t special purpose crane for additional lifts such as lighter topsides and jackets, modules and bridges. Operating on full dynamic positioning, she can work accurately in any water depth, while her light ice class will extend the periods in which she can operate in Polar Regions.

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