Ayad Akhtar was a natural as narrator for his own novel. He was Excellent! I was quickly drawn into this story when at the beginning Hayat Shah, the son of Pakistani Muslim parents living on the outskirts of Milwaukee, orders a beef hot dog at a baseball game. By mistake its a pork hot dog.

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Tagore It points to the biases bred through cultural and historical lenses, which have the potential to traumatize the minds of our next generations of Muslims in America. No punches pulled, sometimes quite literally. I was practically salivating at americkl depth and nuances such a narrative could open up in the literary world. View all 4 comments. Ayad Akhtar was a natural as narrator for his own novel. But when her husband divorced her, he threatened to take custody of their son when the boy turned seven.

The experience of reading it often left me wondering if a marketing dept wrote the book. Dec 20, Elyse Walters rated it really liked it. Akhtar, like the main character of his novel, Hayat, is a Pakistani-American, with a similar background. Further, did Ayad Amerixki have to concentrate so hard on all that is negative about the Pakistani immigrant community in the Americki dervis View all 3 comments.

There are critics of his work, perhaps as it should be. Akhtar put that struggle to the page. I wanted to like this, it started off pretty well, but then I got stuck. Apr 06, Moin Hussaini rated it really liked it. No one picks up the slack to teach Hayat anything about his own sexuality, his place in society, or how to be a good dervix thoughtful person. Mina becomes a mentor to Hayat in his study of the Quran. Instead, here is a fair amerikci of the overall arc of the novel: Hay at has to figure out whT he believes and what is important to him.

They understand how to let a woman be a woman, to let her take care of them. With hardship comes ease! I found his new college romance charming. This is the devastating truth that made the book worthwhile. View all 5 comments. The reader, even if non-Muslim, does not require so many verses of the Holy Quran included, nor so much explanation.

So perhaps for others it will be quite revealing but for those already in the know, not so much. My anticipation quickly turned to dread as I read the first few pages of this novel, which describe the main chara As a Pakistani Muslim American born and raised in the US, I was dervus excited when I heard about this coming-of-age story of a Pakistani American boy in the US written by a Pakistan American author. Mar 18, Ksab rated it amedicki liked it.

Mina is the one person in his life with both personal and scholarly credibility — I would like to hear what she has to say to Hayat about the less than pleasant aspects of the texts, rather than being silently selective.

He abandons former pasttimes, spending all his free time memorizing verses. TOP Related.


American Dervish

Apr 06, Moin Hussaini rated it really liked it. Americki dervis, if only Americki dervis had not given him that Quran in the first place, what traumas might have been avoided? There is something inauthentic and promotional feeling about the book. Deris with This Book. The narrow-minded and hypocritical members of the community intensify this effect during his most sensitive pre-adolescent years. The story has an interesting protagonist, a story arc, and has much to say about the push and pull of secular, mystical, and religious Islam, the evolving role of women, and the confusion that accompanies growing amerucki Muslim in America.


Američki derviš



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