No es lo mismo pasar por estas situaciones a los 20 que a los Tampoco estamos a merced de estas fuerzas, simplemente nos presentan con situaciones, siempre de acuerdo a decisiones que hemos tomado en el pasado y que ahora debemos resolver. Si eres estudiante, las reglas y regulaciones del colegio o universidad, parecen impedir tu progreso. El haber otorgado el poder a otros en el pasado, impide que expreses tu libertad y tu creatividad. Las luchas de poder con una entidad o con otros profesionales son evidentes y el convertirse en un verdadero adulto que toma sus propias decisiones sin tener que depender de otros un tema a resolver. Muchas parejas de Libra se han roto y muchas se han consolidado.

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The Geometry of the Self "The horoscope is a field of imagination and reflection not only through which we see ourselves, but by which we see through ourselves to the archetypal ground that has created this dance we call life.

This will give you some information about how I have attempted to integrate archetypal psychology with astrology. For the full version of the article, click on the link below. The stressful aspects represent those areas of his life that were in conflict, that were not integrated.

The same is true for the feminine planets and the mother. Whatever they have actualized, individually and together, is passed down to us as a gift, something that works easily for us. It often seems as if there were an impersonal karma within a family which is passed on from parents to children.

While it is true that our parents create us biologically and psychologically, it is also not true. There are a number of esoteric traditions Plato, Plotinus, etc.

We choose our parents to reflect, to act out for us, to imprint upon us, the complexities of our individual destiny. I like this idea. Whether we believe in past lives as literal events in time or not, it allows us to place our family experience in the realm of the archetypes, in the realm of divine play.

We can imagine our parents as messengers, conveying the character and flavor of the gods, in the form of a complex drama, acted out for our benefit. This approach sees through the prevailing attitude that suggests that we grow despite our parental influence; that if we could only overcome our poor parenting, we may possibly become whole again. Archetypal psychologists tell us that we meet the gods through our own wounds, but our wounds are part of an inheritance. We stand on the shoulders of wounded giants.

I agree with Rilke, who said, "For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

If we can gain some insight into the inner struggles that we brought into this world, we can see the footprints of the gods in what otherwise feels like the ongoing, inescapable power struggles and petty squabbles in our relationships. Then we can recognize our partner as a mirror and a gift to our soul work, especially in those areas of our interaction that feel like anything but a gift This principle applies across the board to all of our relationships, whether with a partner, a boss, children, friends, etc.

Why do I like certain people and dislike others? What am I supposed to do in life? For what reason am I born? Learning to understand your Sacred Contract is a journey into the Self. It enhances your personal empowerment. It helps to zoom into your problems and issues.

You receive guidance through your personal archetypal energies. When Socrates said, "Know thyself" he was referring to the ability to understand human behaviour, ethics and thought, our identity. To understand oneself is to understand other human beings as well. Archetypes are already as ancient as our history on earth.

The Mandala is one of the oldest archetypal forms. The gods of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were archetypal energies. Plato was aware of Archetypes and called them Forms. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung believed that archetypes were connected to the unconscious of a person as well as the collective unconscious of humanity. Archetypes are symbolic energies. We all speak in archetypal symbols in sayings like: She is a real mother figure Mother archetype.

Everything he touches turns into gold Midas archetype. She is always so childish, when is she ever to grow up? Child archetype. I feel victimized by her behaviour Victim archetype. She is always sabotaging her relationships Saboteur archetype.

Archetypes symbolize characters that are relevant to our connections with family, friends, finances, jobs, values, our potential and our selves. Your personal twelve Archetypes will provide the basic fabric for your beliefs, feelings and actions.

They will be active in your life as protectors and help you when you are prone to damaging behaviour. The Saboteur for instance, will alert you when you are sabotaging your power or quality. For instance: the light side of the Advocate Archetype represents dedication to defend other people in distress, fighting to restore injustices. The shadow side of the Advocate represents incorrect principles, looking only for personal gain.

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