I had what sounds like the same problem on our Island Packet. Raymarine HQ at Portsmouth were as much use as a chocolate teapot. He told me to switch AUTO on and check if the wheel locked-it did. He said if the wheel locked the clutch was working.

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Zulkijind Brought the boat down to St. I have a similar issue with my Autohelm control head. The installation precautions must be heeded if poor performance or even failure of the autoprlot is to be avordect. I got some bits and pieces for an ST auohelm the brain. Raymarine Autopilot Manuals Third, is a big job to install and would anyone have the manual? We were under power and I could check the battery voltage through my Garmin N2K which was always above Well the other end of the wires were they connect to the switches.

Left thumb brushed Power, bringing up t he AP control menu. Thank you for your help Liber. My bonding system is pristine. Marina Del Rey Boat: Got it, continue to print. It should be borne in mind that the reduction ratios are for the average case and that vessels broadly classified by length and hull type can vary significantly in steering characteristics. PowerPilot Autohelm Well short and sweet. Page 3 Autohelm is simple to install and prepare for sea trials. I did not dare open the computer control head, just the exterior connections.

So it is doable, but frankly I would only install it as a DIY project. Most steering gear manufacturers supply special autopilot drive attachments and many include this facility as standard. Autohelm indicating control head Hi Erik, please do check and let me know your price. As such, there is no need to interface to your chart plotter. Fishing Kit Dream Purchase.

Problem with autohelm While working on my ST I looked online and came across the service manual for the ST and ST — it can be found at http: However, you have to accept these systems are getting on. Display List of Vendors. Dear All, My autohelm has worked trouble free for many years.

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Raymarine Autohelm 6000 User Manual

Page 3 Autohelm is simple to install and prepare for sea trials. Page 5 1. The rudder drive system may be selected from a range of rotary, linear and Page 6 1. The course computer plugs into a connector unit to which all of the control system peripheral modules are connected. Page 7: Auxiliary Alarm. The windvane interconnecting cable feeds through the deck via a waterproof gland unit and connects directly to the course computer connector unit.


Raymarine ST6000 Service Manual



Autohelm Course Sale


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