Asia rated it really liked it Aug 26, Want to Read saving…. Maria Dziupla rated it really liked it Jul 08, Hubert, the narrator, is a man of advanced middle jaworzna-szczwkowej whose chaotic reminiscences are full of flashbacks and sudden shifts in time. When she announced on one Panorama programme that winter was approaching, the night was coming, the dark nights of the s were upon us, people began stocking up on soda siphons, caravans, plastic baby baths from the GDR. Karolina rated it really liked it Dec 08, No trivia or quizzes yet. In the twilight years of communist Poland, he dreams of a better life and, determined to make his fortune at any cost, he launches various legal and illegal but completely cracked business ventures that guarantee a profit. Joanna rated it liked it Apr 06, Refresh and try again.

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Tele The central thesis seems to be that much of human behavior — violent and otherwise — can be explained by our uncomfortable position between prey and predator, and she hangs all her analyses on that premise thoughtfully. A flaw though in her tone is that it gets a tad repetative and it seems as though she uses the old academic trick of pulling from a variety of sources to make smaller points that coincide with her overall thesis. Leaching our resources, devastating our populations, war is the real predator of mankind.

She studied physics at Reed College, and earned a Ph. Blood Rites takes us on an original journey from the elaborate human sacrifices Rather than man being a predator since his primordial origins, man started out as prey.

Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War by Barbara Ehrenreich Jul 28, Larry Bassett rated it liked it Shelves: Ehrenreich draws on biology, anthropology, and theology among other -ologies in her efforts to understand the complicated nature of the subject. With all of her sources, and her research assistants who comb other sources, she writes in a mostly accessible way. And at some ehrenrekch, they turned their predator skills against other tribes and demanded the fear and admiration that once exclusively belonging to animals.

Love it, love it, love it. I like that we have the opportunity to see how the author came to her conclusions. Reading it I sometimes felt the craving for some solid scientific analysis — less digestible but perhaps ultimately more satisfying. She is the winner of the L. Book review: Blood Rites by Barbara Ehrenreich Interesting as it is enlightening, it feels here, that the ehreneich between war and religion becomes more tenuous.

Want to Read saving…. According to the book, my Blood Rites rekindled my long held interest in almost non-existent theories of war. It is first, in an economic sense, a parasite on human cultures — draining them of the funds and resources, talent and personnel, that could be used to advance the cause of human life and culture. Want to get our magazine? As trained killers, are men and women the same? The information in Blood Rites could be checked and expanded but it is hard to see how her conclusions could be confirmed.

It is a major feat to make war boring. May 17, Shannon rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: View all 4 comments. Nonetheless, I wanted to read this book to get some insight ritea what influences humans to destroy one another the way they do and why we allow it to happen. As a result, in many societies, it became blopd that made men and men that made war.

It is first, in an economic sense, a parasite on human cultures—draining them off the funds and resources, talent and personnel, that could be used to advance the cause of human life and culture. Most Related.


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