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The Nighantu is one of the important aspect in the study of Dravyaguna vijnana. Much importance has not been given to this subject. The importance of Nighantu was highlighted for the first time by Narahari pandita in his work on Raja Nighantu during 14th century A. He states that a physician without the knowledge of Nighantu, a scholar without the knowledge of Vyakaranam and a soldier without the knowledge of ayudha are laughing stalk in this world.

It is believed that at the end of each samhita a Nighantu was there. Totally 60 Nighantu have been arranged in chronological order. For 50 Nighantu details have been collected and discussed in detail. Keeping this in mind as a Post Graduate teacher in Dravyaguna this book was taken up by me.

This will be useful for the teachers and students of Dravyaguna on the subject of Nighantu. Preface The Nighantu literature is one of the important aspect in the study of Ayurveda and specially in the subject of Dravyaguna Vijnana.

The Nighantu literature also as ancient as Ayurveda. Much importance has not been given to the study of Nighantu. The ancient Nighantus were actually like Kosa, containing the synonyms of dravya. Later on, the drugs were given the description of properties, actions and their uses. In true sence the Nighantu means collection of words, synonyms and the names of the medicinal substances. Ramavatar Sharma in his introduction to Kalpadru Kosa of Kesava uses the term Nighantu for the glossaries connected with Ayurveda.

The Nighantu may be defined as a glossary containing synonymous groups, the names of the drugs, plants, animals, minerals or anything that is administered either as food or medicine to the human body. The importance of Nighantu has been explained for the first time by Narahari Pandita, son of Isvarasuri in his work Raja Nighantu during 14th Century A.

He declares: A Physician without the knowledge of Nighantu, a scholar without the knowledge of Vyakarana grammar and a soldier without ayudha weapons , all these three are laughed at in this world. This statement clearly states that the knowledge of Nighantu is indispensable for a Vaidya.

This prompted me to take up this work and put all the informations of Nighantus in one place in the form of a book. This covers one of the four aspects of the subject prescribed for Post Graduate studies in Dravyaguna. In this work I have collected particulars about 60 Nighantus. I have arranged them in chronological order to the best of y knowledge. There ay be difference of opinions, but for the time being, this may be taken for consideration. If there is anything to be corrected it may please be informed for future guidance.

Out of these 60 Nighantus I have discussed on 50 Nighantus for which I could collect details for the time being. In the present era. The importance on the study of Nighantu was brought to the light by Prof. From then I used to collect materials on Nighantu. When ever I used to visit Prof. Priya Vrata Sharma at Varanasi, he will never send me empty handed. He has given me Astanga Nighantu, Madhava Dravyaguna etc.

For further details, each Nighantu has to be consulted for the study of plants of vargas mentioned in them etc. I am extremely fortunate to have the work edited by Prof. Jothirmitra who my teacher at BHU. I am thankful to him for going through the manuscript and suggesting, some of the additions in the list of Nighantus Dhananjaya Nighantu and Saraswati Nighantu.

He has also advised to include Dravyaguna Kosa of Prof. Sharma and Vanaspati Kosa of Prof. Ramesh Bedi. I would like to acknowledge my sincere thanks to Dr. Shradha, a Ph. Scholar and Dr. Jothi Shanbhag, M. Ravi Shankar, M. Shobha G. Hiremath, M. My sincere thanks are due to my beloved wife Smt. Grace Vanajakshi, B. Ajoy Lucas and Mr. Kiran Lucas for their constant encouragement and support.

Finally my thanks are due to Smt. Yashodha for getting this work DTP printing and making C. I thank the publishers for so kindly accepting to publish this work.



Get dhanvantari nighantu sanskrit text with english translation PDF file for free from our online library. Default — Display of Bhavaprakasha Nighantu with chapter name and Adhikarana. Bhavaprakash Nighantu is a lexicon of medicinal plants used in was written by Bhavamishra in 16th century AD. It proved to be a ready reference. Bhava prakash. Ayurved bhavprakash 1.


Ayurved bhavprakash 1



Bhava Prakash Nighantu


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