Zolojin We can check the Status History for the Payment by selecting the Row and right click it: There were some problems in the input file. Regarding submitting proxy response with generated attachments, it is possible using the same protocol and very similar approach as this is done for the consumer banl. Messages are securely and reliably exchanged between banks and other financial institutions. Hi All, Is there any limitations in field values? This makes easy for supporting testing for Banks whenever required. Any additional information you can share on how to enable encryption in Ti would be appreciated.

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The payment is generated with all the necessary conditions for the definite Bank and then sends for approval. After approval a batch job is run in ECC system to create collective payment in a single file. The file is then encrypted in BCM module. The file is sent to respective folders in located in the ECC server. The details can be seen using T-Code AL There are different folders created for different Banks and in addition we also have archive folder which will be explained later.

We have not used any mappings to change the incoming file format. It is typically used with the SSH-2 protocol to provide secure file transfer. SFTP encrypts the session, preventing the casual detection of username, password or anything that is being transmitted. One key benefit to SFTP is its ability to handle multiple secure file transfers over a single encrypted pipe.

By using a single encrypted pipe, there are fewer holes in the corporate firewall. In order to show the Encrypted and signed file we have taken the below screen as there are no files currently in fileAct folder in ECC system. Figure 9: Encrypted and signed file Configuration in Integration Directory for Payments Sender Channel configuration We have used different channels for different Banks.

This makes easy for supporting testing for Banks whenever required. Channels for the banks which are not in scope for testing will be switched off.

The unsinged files will not be processed and the channel will show error message in PI system. We have not used signature verification parameter for the Sender channel for Domestic Payments. File Name Scheme represents the nomenclature of the files to be picked from the folder of AL Advanced Source File Selection has also been done in order to not send unnecessary files to Bank and only process required payment file.

Msecs to Wait Before Modification Check where PI waits some time from first finding the file, until reading and processing it later, and the file is only processed if it had not changed over the waiting period. To do this follow the below: Figure Channel configuration for polling payment files Additionally mention the connection parameters like host name of the sending server, port, UserId and Password for Authentication.

We place the processed files in Archive folders in ECC system. This is referred as binary to text encoding. Note: The signature verification at Receiver is used for Domestic Payments only. We have not used signature verification parameter for the International Payments at Receiver end. This will be discussed in next section. No encryption or check done. There are no mapping used exclusively for the TXT formats, except the filename are fetched dynamically during runtime.

Payments sent to different Bank causing delay and inconsistency. The version of the SFTP adapter had a bug of routing the payments to incorrect channels leading to inconsistencies and escalations. A new version was deployed that solved the issue. Issues with Public Key Ring in communication channel The Public Key for validating and handshake mechanism should be deployed at the server level in PI system.

This Key is provided by Third Party. Network checks required to be done during connectivity tests to ensure there are no delay Feedback from Users using BCM and SwiftNet Integration with PI Lower TCO by becoming independent from proprietary payment standards and bank-specific e-banking products and setting up a single communication channel to SWIFTNet, which will enable your company to communicate with all the banking partners through this one channel.

ANSI 1264.1 PDF

SAP PI Integration to Different Banks using SwiftNet and BCM





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