Life is tough out at Longboat Bay. Every day the boy helps his mother earn their living from the sea and the land. Until the day he meets Blueback, the fish that changes his life. Blueback is about people learning from nature. Reviews of the Blueback So far about the publication we have Blueback comments customers have not yet eventually left the overview of the action, or otherwise not make out the print yet.

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For Abel, every day is special, as he explores the ever-changing sea, and the surrounding bush in which he lives. He feels lucky, and even luckier when he meets and befriends a large, old groper fish that he names Blueback.

Blueback is a story about love, loss, growing up, and above all, living with respect for our beautiful and natural environment. It is perfectly suitable for a good readers as young as six my six year old read it in one afternoon and loved it , but will also appeal to teenagers and even adults. It is important that books for young adults present a positive picture, and this does with its strong ecological message and clean, easy to understand characterisations.

Winton does it easily though, and Blueback is also a tender and lovely story which adults will enjoy reading quickly. Although the characters are simpler than, say, those of The Riders, or Dirt Music, they are still realistic, and children and adults will warm to the good hearted Abel, and his aging but independent and strong mother.

He pulled into tiny sheltered coves and swam with his mother in turquoise water beneath streaky cliffs and trees loud with birds. Some days he sped close in to long sugary beaches.

He stayed just behind the breakers and was showered with their spray and saw the great, strange land through the wobbly glass of the waves. He saw the sun melting like butter on white dunes. Winton called this novel a contemporary fable, and there is certainly a clear and obvious moral with a positive answer to the question of how can we live in the modern world with our morality and respect for the environment intact.

This is a lovely, and easy to read novel which will appeal to children of all ages, as well as adults.


A review of Blueback by Tim Winton



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Blueback (novel)


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