Every time that you lengthen and then shorten a muscle. For example, twelve repetitions, one after another, will make one set of twelve repetitions. Follow along with over full length Bodylastics workouts at liveexercise. What is D.

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Every time that you lengthen and then shorten a muscle. For example, twelve repetitions, one after another, will make one set of twelve repetitions. Follow along with over full length Bodylastics workouts at liveexercise. What is D. Simply stated, it is a ridiculously strong internal brake system, which is designed to prevent the 1 cause of elastic snaps, overstretching. How does it work? This is no piece of yarn, the inner cord that lives inside of every Bodylastics band is braided material which has a minimal tensile strength of lbs - thats some serious stopping power!

The cord is about four times the length of every band and is securely attached at the ends. When the inner cord is fully elongated it stops like a rope, which then pulls on the bands internal structure stopping it cold. Will I feel it? If you are using your Bodylastics bands properly, within the safety zone you will never know that the D.

These bands actually give you feedback. Its almost like our bands are telling you hey back off a bit! You are about to damage me and I will NOT let you do that. Will it limit my workout? Absolutely not! We chose a length for the inner cord that would enable the user to perform the best exercises without limitation.

It was actually a challenge to determine the right length that would take advantage of D. Are D. No, we cannot make that claim, but they are about as close as you are going to get. I mean seriously, if you are towing your car with these you may snap them, however, if you are properly using your D. Dont forget, each and every band has stopping power of at least lbs, however, as you combine them the number keeps going up.

Can I really get t and built with them? Can I become very firm and muscular and not have to drive to the gym every day? The answer to every one of those questions is YES! Professional strength bands, which cost as little as pair of sneakers or a 45 pound Olympic plate, offer a comparable workout to free weights and machines, and in many ways a SUPERIOR workout!

The angles that are possible with the bands are unmatched by gravity bound equipment. Strength Band training in various forms has been around for hundreds of years. It has had different names like strand pulling and cable exercise but basically it hasnt changed much since archers started pulling on heavy bows to shoot farther.

That is until now. In the 21st century we now live like the Jetsons , space age rubber has allowed equipment manufacturers and athletes to rediscover the unique nature of strength band training. The development of high tension rubber strength bands makes new and amazing exercises possible exercises never dreamed about by people pulling on steel spring cable sets in the s. Besides the obvious portability and low cost almost everyone can afford them , strength bands are unique in that the athlete is no longer locked into a range of motion using the laws of gravity.

Unlike free weights and pulley machines, which are bound by the laws of gravity straight up and down , the angles and range of motion available with strength bands is almost unlimited. Its one of the reasons why they are so popular with athletes. You can move them quickly and replicate athletic movements like punching or swinging a baseball bat.

What this means is that you can transfer strength built with bands directly to real world athletic movements like throwing in baseball or kicking in martial arts.

Bands move the way you do. The workout offered by a variable resistance system like the Bodylastics Bands is unlike any other form of training. With strength bands you get a greater contraction generating greater force which means more intense workouts, all leading to a more muscular and leaner body.

In just one workout with Bodylastics you will know what I am talking about. Setting up a training program is easy. This book is designed to show you how to perform many types of exercises and give you ideas on how to create your own personal program. Do the exercises you like, and keep your workouts fun. Build up slowly but dont be afraid to work out hard either. No matter how you break up your weekly exercise program you must exercise progressively, which means doing a little more each time you train.

Always strive to add some repetitions or resistance to all your exercises. Even if it is only one rep, it is proof you got stronger. If you add a rep to every exercise every week, in 10 weeks you are up to some serious reps! Add the yellow band to all your exercises.

Even a tiny increase in resistance yes big guys I am talking to you means greater strength down the road. Dont just go through the motions when you exercise with your strength bands. Work to improve! Apply focus and effort. One 30 minute workout a week done with diligence and dedication can dramatically change your body in just a few weeks. I know, I did it, and so can you. You never have to miss a workout.

Missing workouts is the one thing that derails peoples progress. With a set of Bodylastics in your home, desk drawer or suitcase you can workout anytime, anywhere.

Trapped at the airport? Sitting in a hotel room or ofce? Waiting for pizza delivery? Take out your Bodylastics and workout for 15 minutes.

By training at home the average person will save themselves hours of free time in one year. Strength band resistance training offers a built in tension that exceeds anything offered by a dumbbell or pulley system.

In a word As your muscles contract they become shorter and stronger. The force at the end of a muscular contraction is much greater than at the beginning. As you contract against the bands the resistance increases as you contract the greater the distance the band is stretched the more tension is generated.

Its a perfect match for the way your muscles really work. The General Fitness Programs are a great place to begin.

Complete the desired number of sets per exercise and then move on to the next exercise. Program Guidelines Frequency: 3 x per week, example Mon, Wed, Fri Sets: 1 per exercise Reps Per Set: Strength - 6 to 8 reps Strength and Musculature - 8 to 12 reps Body Toning - 15 to 18 reps Making Progress Keep in mind that you will want to adjust the resistance so that you are struggling on the last rep of your desired rep number.

This will ensure that you are working each muscle group to the max. Now, grip a handle in each hand and stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door while facing the door. Movement: As you perform this exercise keep your chest up, stomach tight and arms straight out, parallel with the floor.

As you squat down try to sit back into your heels as though you were going to sit down in a chair. Stop squatting when your thighs are parallel with the floor. Now grip a handle in each hand and sit 3 to 4 feet from the door while facing the door. Movement: While you are performing this exercise keep your back straight, head straight and chest up.

As you pull the handles back keep your arms in tight to your body and your forearms parallel with the floor. Point s to Remember: Try to grip the handles loosely. Now sit on the ball or chair 3 to 4 feet away from the door with your back to the door. Movement: For this exercise keep your back straight, head straight and chest up.

Try to keep your elbows at shoulder height. As you push forward, your hands should move out and together. On the way back, stop your arms when your elbow is even with your shoulder. Now grip a handle in each hand. Movement: For this exercise bend your legs slightly and keep your back straight, head straight and stomach tight. Your arms should stay straight and about 12 inches apart. Raise your arms until your upper arms are parallel with the floor. Now kneel, facing the door about one foot away from the door and grip a handle in each hand.

Movement: For this exercise kneel down and keep your back straight, head straight, chest up and stomach tight. Your upper arms should be perpendicular to the floor, elbows stationary, and your palms facing down. As you push the handles down and straighten your arms, your hands should be shoulder width apart. Point s to Remember: It is very important during this exercise that your elbows stay tight in to your body and do not move forward or back during the movement.

Now take a handle in each hand and face your palms up. Movement: For this exercise keep your back straight, head straight, chest up and stomach tight.

Now raise the handle and bend each arm individually until your hand is at chest height.


Bodylastics User Manual 2011 Color

Producing resistance bands since Oh Snap! Some broke after just a handful of uses, while others were overpriced with limited use. It was 7 years ago when I bought my first set of Bodylastics workout bands, and I gotta say I was loving them from day one. I needed something for P90x a good exercise program by the way! I remember when my last band I had broke while doing a P90x workout. I ended up having to finish the workout with the only option I had left



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