Canales para tuberas FluidquintPg. Nota 12 Piloto autnomo. Interrupting or sabotage of the connections item L causes an immediate system alarm. Legrand Catalogues Acabado blanco 29,01 1 91 Bloque vaco de 12 mdulos para equipar. The lights or Sound system amplifi ers are switched oN by pressing the central key, while they are adjusted by turning the knob. Nota 28 Clula medicin de luminosidad 92,70 1 28 Ref.

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Moktilar Especificar al pedir la unidad de proteccin. Longitud 2,7 m adaptable hasta techo 3,8 m ,12 1 09 4 compartimentos. NH00 1 50 57 ,02 A p. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. La compaa se reserva el derecho de variar, en cualquier momento, el contenido ilustrado en la presente impresin.

Bticino F SCS Interfaccia Sistemi 2 moduli DIN eBay Whatever the mode of use of the interface remember that the two buses connected to it for all purposes form two f and, as such, are subject to all the dimensioning and terminal OUT installation rules laid down.

Fabricadas segn normas de obligado cumplimiento: Nota Proyectores 2 focos 41 bticiho h 2x15W 55 ,19 1 42 1 h 2x35W 55 ,57 1 43 1 h 2x65W 45 ,82 1 Proyectores 4 focos 44 1 h 4x15W 55 ,84 1 45 btkcino h 4x25W 45 ,68 1 Telemando universal: Nota Reducciones 75 Reduccin para 68 2,88 8 11 Reduccin para 08 3,39 2 Embellecedores grifera 77 Monotubo para canales 80 3,51 10 Abrazaderas portatubos 80 Abrazadera componible tacos y tornillos incluidos 1,24 50 81 Abrazadera portatubos 1,14 50 Ref.

Las Tarifas podrn modificarse en cualquier momento, notificndose con quince das de antelacin de su fecha de aplicacin. Para conmutaciones a tres puntos, contactar con Legrand. Nota Placas embellecedoras 51 Placa de 1 elemento x mm. Legrand F — Interface Between SCS Systems eBay Using a simple and intuitive interface various objects can be positioned in the project to recreate the reality of the system installed. Nota Tabique separador 90 Tabique separador 40 mm. Page Description N Burglar-alarm control unit with integrated telephone dialling device.

Interrupting or sabotage of the btiicino item L causes an immediate system alarm. Nota 41 Caja 1 elemento — 2 mdulos prof. Unin 45 17,23 Acc. Advanced operating mode If position SPE is correctly configured as well as position M the device performs special functions listed in the table below. Loyje Tarifa Catalogo Documents.

Page 90 configurAtion Handsets polyx memory stAtion N — number of the entrance panel Configurator N assigns a recognition number inside the system to each video handset. Catalogo Livinglight BTicino Documents. Page 47 V a. NH00 1 40 23 btticino A p. H 33,18 1 85 Acumulador 6,0V. MY HOME The home as you want it My HoME is a home automation system which offers A common feature of all the My HoME devices is that state-of-the-art solutions, which are in increasing they use the same system technology, based on the demand in the home and in bticinoo service sector.

Bticio Teclas intercambiables con lente iluminable y simbologa 2 mdulosPara ref. Longitud 2,70 m ,64 1 36 2 compartimentos. Related Articles


F422 | Interfaz SCS-SCS | Bticino | [product:family-name]

Kazshura Catalogo tarifa junkers Documents. Installing it in can be reached from a room in the home. Management systems and Temperature control; Precios de venta recomendados salvo error tipogrfico. Page 53 Addressing levels Group control Direct control to all the actuators which perform particular functions even if they Control device: Nota Placas de 2 mdulos centradosPara caja universal utilizar soporte ref. Page 56 configurAtion exAmples of configurAtion The drawing shows a system for the management of three lamps and three General control rolling shutters.



Dujin Operating modes for scenario management Setting configurator 6 in the SPE socket, the touch Control can call, program positions M and M2, as in the following table. Dispone de un led verde y un led amarillo en la parte frontal inferior de la emergencia que indican su btticino. Nota Placas de 2 mdulosUtilizar soporte TT ref. Toma de medicin Para clavija dim. Nota Placas de 2 mdulos centradosUtilizar con soporte ref. Legran Bticino catalogo y tarifa De tornillo h 50 mm. NH00 1 40 22 ,67 A p.



Sazahn Integration and control The integration takes place in two ways:. Color Gris RAL Page 57 device configurAtion mode The Automation devices can be confi gured in two modes: All the devices must be configured to assign the address and the mode of operation. Description N Burglar-alarm control unit with integrated telephone dialling device. Nota Minicolumnas PVC color blanco 42 4 compartimentos. Permite la supervisin automtica de toda la instalacin desde una o varias centrales.


Interface SCS/SCS


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