North Beach has a long and interesting history. As a kid, the famous baseball player Joe Dimaggio lived in North Beach. In particular, North Beach was home to the Beat writers and poets. The Beats developed a new, free, open style of writing. Many credit the Beats as the fathers and mothers of the s cultural renaissance in America.

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He is a very controversial writer. Liberal people love him. Conservative people hate him. Mike is famous in the American literary scene. He helped make history by challenging Stephen King to a competition. I challenge you to a competition to prove who the best writer really is. Stephen King accepted.

They decided to hold the competition in New York City. Both writers sat at a table with a pen, some paper and a clock. They had only ten minutes to write.

Stephen King wrote calmly and slowly. He seemed very confident. Mike was very animated. He shook his head. He moved his feet. He smiled, he frowned, He cried and he laughed as he wrote. After ten minutes, they finished. A group of writers read their papers. They decided that both papers were so good they could not pick a winner. Everybody else was shocked. Though, there was not a clear winner, this competition started a new movement called fast writing.

Suddenly, everywhere in America, writers tried to write quickly. But unfortunately most of them were terrible. No one could beat Stephen King and Mike. Mike is a writer but he is not a normal writer. What kind of writer is he? Well, he is a controversial writer. Does everybody like his writing? No, everybody does not like his writing. Does everybody hate his writing? No, everybody does not hate his writing.

Do people agree about his writing? They do not. Nobody agrees. Some people really, really hate his writing. And some people really, really love his writing. His writing creates argument. His writing creates disagreement.

He is a controversial writer. What kind of people love his writing usually? Well, Liberal people. Liberal people love his writing. Do conservative people love his writing?

No, they do not. Do people who like change and new things like his writing? Yes, yes. They generally do. Liberal people, people who like change, generally love his writing. Do people who vote for the democrats, do they usually like his writing? Well, yeah. Usually, we usually think that democrats are more liberal than republicans in America.

Conservative people hate his writing and they hate him. What kind of people hate his writing? Well, Conservative people hate his writing. Republicans, do they hate his writing? Yeah, most republicans hate his writing. Does George Bush like his writing? No, no, no, no. George Bush is very conservative. George Bush hates his writing. Does Michael Moore like his writing? Yes, Michael Moore loves his writing. Michael Moore is liberal but George Bush is very conservative. Mike is famous in the US, in the American literary scene.

Is he famous in the German literary scene? No, no. Is he famous in the Mexican literary scene? Is he famous in the French literary scene? Only the American literary scene, American writers know about him. American readers know about him. Why is he famous? What did he do? Well, he made history. How did he make history? What did he do that was famous?

Well, he did something very famous; he helped make history by challenging Stephen King to a competition. Did he nicely ask Stephen King for a competition?

No, he did not. He challenged Stephen King, right. He kind of disagreed with him. He challenged Stephen King to a competition, a writing competition. King accepted. King said yes. To hold in this case means to have or to do. So they decided to do the competition in New York City. They decided to have the competition in New York City. Where did they hold the competition? They held the competition in New York City.

Did they hold the competition in San Francisco? No, they did not hold the competition in San Francisco. They held it in New York City, past tense held. They each had only ten minutes to write something great. He was not animated. However, Mike was very animated. Did Mike move his body a lot when he wrote? Yes, yes he did. He was very animated. Was his face animated when he wrote? Yes, his face was also very animated when he wrote.


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