A well educated person is expected to have at least a good knowledge of national and international affairs taking place. In this article Prof S K Agarwal, expert on CMAT preparation shares the importance of General Awareness and key tips to prepare this module An average human being is affected, in many ways, with the events going on in the country or in the world; in the business, finance, political or social life. The world of sports, cinema and the various awards associated to them has been the key interest areas-where questions are framed in CMAT. Literary world of authors-their works, famous personalities, inventions and discoveries, important events, revolutions that changed the world scenario are loved by the examination paper setters when they prepare a set of questions on conventional General Awareness. Every correct answer will award you 4 marks improving your score and awarding you higher place in merit.

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Prediction Since the examination was not very tough candidates would need higher scores to receive the call from top rated B schools. Out of maximum score of , candidates may expect admission in top rated B school with a score in a range of to Out of the 25 questions in this sections, questions on Geometry and mensuration were found to be slightly on difficult side.

The section was doable and candidates can score well in this section. A few candidates while coming out of the examination hall also complained that a few questions had incorrect answer options, although it could not be confirmed by other candidates of the same centre.

There were candidates who completed the Quant section in minutes before moving forward to complete another section. They were confident enough that almost all of their answers were correct. However, an attempt of questions in this section could place the candidate at a high position in merit. English Language comprehension English language comprehension section had questions like spotting the errors in sentences, fill in the blanks based on subject verb agreement and grammar and tenses.

Questions on vocabulary usage were based on spotting the synonyms, antonyms, phrases and idioms. A few questions on jumbled sentences were short and doable. Aspirants are advised to practice sentences on core grammar usage like Reported speech, Active passive, conditionals, modifiers. Reading comprehension passages were short having words approximately.

They were followed by the tricky questions based on statements and assumptions. All the passages were more or less moderate to difficult and a bit time consuming, reflecting the reasoning type of questions which required greater understanding of the passage. Candidates had to read between the lines to solve them. A good attempt of 16 to 18 questions in this section would be fine to qualify for the call by a highly ranked B school.

General Awareness Most of the candidates preferred to take questions on General Awareness in the end. CMAT aspirants could complete this section in minutes and focused more on other sections. This section was more friendly to those who have kept themselves abreast with current national and international affairs.

Most of the questions were based on economy and conventional general knowledge. Candidates who could attempt correct stand a good chance in a top notch institute. Logical Reasoning This section had varying topics and concepts like arrangement, Deductive Logic, Data Sufficiency, venn diagrams, statement assumptions, statement conclusions or inferences, analogy, syllogisms.

Aspirants are advised to practice following type of questions more- Candidates could attempt this section in minutes. Those who got correct in it, may expect to be a winner in this section. Tips for the candidates MBAUniverse. They may prove to be of great help to the aspirants on preparation strategy during the next few days of their CMAT examination.

CMAT in next 4 days No major change in type and style of questions is expected in next 4 days. Candidates, if work in the right direction will get a substantial improvement in their score. CMAT is expected to maintain its difficulty level through the next 4 days. The overall test is also expected to remain moderate with a few questions in each section with higher difficulty level.

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