Which of the following topics is NOT commonly studied within cognitive psychology? Patients suffering from clinical amnesia are characterized by a disorder in their: a. A participant is asked to look within him- or herself and report on his or her own mental processes. This method is called: a. Which of the following statements is NOT a concern about the use of introspection as a research tool? A verbal report based on introspection may provide a distorted picture of mental processes that were nonverbal in nature.

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OBJ: 6. Sensory memory is not emphasized. Short-term memory is now called working memory. Working memory refers to a process more than a storage system. Working memory and long-term memory are considered the same construct. Working memory is used only for temporary storage of information. Working memory and long-term memory are considered separate memory processes.

Working memory is fragile and easily disrupted. Working memory is limited in capacity. This analogy is problematic in what way? The desk analogy is too static: WM is capable of more than simply short-term storage.

WM is more like a filing cabinet with a specific number of slots into which information can be put. The size of WM varies across individuals, but a desk never changes size. There is no problem with this analogy. The words they can recall are likely to include a. Compared to an immediate recall test, what effect would you expect a second delay of white noise to have on memory performance? It would have no effect on memory, compared to an immediate recall test. It would decrease memory for early words and improve memory for words presented later in the list.

It would improve memory for early words. It would improve memory for recently presented words. Imagine that participants hear a list of the names of 20 different fruits, followed by an unexpected loud noise.

The effect of the noise will be a. This is immediately followed by a free-recall test. A second group of participants hears the same 30 words presented at the faster rate of two words per second. We should expect that the group hearing the slower presentation will show improved memory performance for the a.

The participant is organizing information into the memory unit known as a n a.


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