Sorceress of Darshiva The group continues to Kell , where they meet with Cyradis. As promised, the Seeress surrenders herself to Zakath as his "hostage", and tells them that the next stop of their journey is Perivor , an island to the southwest of the Mallorean continent. Naradas, disguised as a court minister, delays Garion by sending him on red-herring quests, whereafter Sadi successfully poisons him. With the aid of a Necromancer, they expose his treachery to the King and find the ancient map.

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Getting to the end of this series always makes me feel a bit pensive. Of course, since there are 11 books total in the Belgariad and the Mallorean, I see another re-read in my near future.

I have to say that Im starting to think that The Seeress of Kell is my favorite book in this five book series. Theres so many parts that I just get a kick out of. Another one of my favorite parts is everything Dal Pevior sp? I adored basically every moment of that. My only issue with the wolves is that Eddings once again directly contradicts himself!

Supposedly it impossible for wolves to lie because you cannot lie in thought. The wolf was shocked when she learned the man-things can tell untruths. Ok, so this is a rule. Not possible to lie. So why does Eddings show the female wolf lying quite often?! How is this possible? In Sorceress of Darshiva Belgarion asks "Where is your mate? I visit his bone sometimes. Is she fully grown? I have had as many as six.

You should have chosen a larger mate. Vella is described as heartbreakingly lovely and extremely feisty. She typically dresses in tight leather pants with a tight leather vest and her multiple daggers on display. Occasionally Vella dresses in thin almost translucent Malloreon dress in order to dance almost all Nadrak women dress this way to dance — and all the dances are for the entertainment of [large] groups of men. Vella had never really liked him and she customarily loosened her daggers in their sheaths whenever she came into his presence, making very sure that he saw her doing so to be certain that there would be no misunderstandings.

P Omnibus Edition Since the age of 12, she had always relied on her daggers to ward off any unwanted attention. Although she had seldom been obliged to kill anyone — except for a few enthusiasts — she had nonetheless established a reputation for being a girl no sensible man would attempt.

Sometimes that rankled a bit, though, since there were times when Vella might have welcomed an attempt. A nick or two in some unimportant places upon an ardent admirer would sustain her honor, and then — well, who knows? As I mentioned in a previous review , there appears to be some sort of parallel between promiscuity, nudity and being a woman antagonist. Thou couldst father a race of gods upon me, Belgarion, and we could sate each other with unearthly delights. Thou wilt find me fair, King of Riva, as all men have, and I will consume thy days with the passion of the gods, and we will share in the meeting of Light and Dark.

In this situation, after Zandramas is defeated, she is stripped naked in front of her enemies. I felt that was overkill, to be honest. Are we just rubbing salt in the wound?

Zandramas shrank back even more. I would see thee receive thy reward and thine exaltation. Zandramas made no attempt to conceal her nakedness, for indeed, there was no nakedness.

Omnibus Edition.


Seeress of Kell



The Seeress of Kell



The Seeress of Kell




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