From highest priority to lowest: Implement all original Diablo II functionality. It will be cross-platform, easily run on modern systems in high resolution. Have a good separation of the Game and the Engine, so that engine can be used separately to create Diablo-like games. Create an original game in the setting of Diablo. Why Unity?

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Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Ready to do battle wit he minions of Hell? Weleame to Draw. As a player, you can try to put an end to his plotting or, as DM, see if your players are up to the task! Gig This book gives guideline ping the DiAa. Fhe Dungeon Master can use this hook to set up general adventures of exploration and demon erad- ication.

The companion volume, To Hell and Back, presents adventure and world details based directly on the computer game: Demons and the Prime Evils Since Time hegan, the forces of Order and Chaos have fought to decide the fate of Creation. Now, after cen- tories of battles and defeats, the demon princes think the Mortal Realm is the key to victory. Thus, the demon ponees Baal, Mephisto, ard Disblo—a trio known as the Prime Evils hatches 3 devious plot.

They had themselves cast onto the Prime Plane as i? Mephisto hes been imprisoned fr many yeers ina soul stone under the main temple of the Zakarur faith in the capital of the Eastern Empire, the city of Kurast. Over time, Mephisto has gained control of the stone andl cor rupted the priesthood, includiny Que-Heyan Sankekur the highese mortal authority of the Zakarum faith Diabio caused a war between the two nations of Khanduras and Westmarch, resulting in the first Dia.

With his tragic failure, the story begins anew. Using This Book This book has two goals. The first is to let players create their awn amazon, barbar- ian, necromancer, paladin, and sorceress jaracters, then provide them with uipment, spells, special abilities and a desire for fame and fortune!

The second goal S to give the Dungeon Master enough informa: tion to start the characters on the path from fresh-faced ssbseuricy to the pinnacles af power, wealth, Look for the superadvencure Te Hell and Back tor a major epic adventure and even more campaign details. Some- ope in the gaming group should have a copy—the Dur geon Master, at the very least. Is that a problem?

After all, the game designers at Blizzard Ent ent wisely realized that part of the great pastime of escapism is not worry ing about such commonplace trifles as eating, drinking, paying bills, he beauty of the DIAULO Il setting is that it does nat focus as much on investigation and interaction as it does on good old-fashioned door-bashing, skull- cracking, hoarcblooting action.

What yout still reading the introduction? Get out your dive, turn the page, and start carving your path to glory in the world of Diss. Important Note: When choosing a magic ability, you can ake on cup. For example, you can take a Croup ability instead ofa Group 2 ability if you want, AMAZ N This powerfisl woman warrior belongs to one of" the nomadic bands that. Their wandering often brings the bands into conflict with cher peoples, so the amazon s accustomed to fighting in order to defend her own.

This lifestyle has made her fercely independent andable to weather severe hardship and travel. Adventures: An amazon wiews adventuring as a series of skirmishes with the forces of evil—something to prepare her for her part n the final bat- Ue to come, The minions of darkness she vanguishes now, the amazon rea- educe the number she must eventually face—and coincidentally allow her to improve her combat skils, Characteristics: The amazon excels at ranged combat. The spear, jav and of course, bow and arrows are her favorite weapons, and the magica effects she can produce with them far surpasses what other classes can do with the same weapons.

She fares less well in melee combat than a barbari or paladin, and than a necromancer or sorceress. Background: Amazons see the destruction of the Prime Evilsas their des- tiny in the word—part of a step Loward ess for mortals.

The amazon acquires them at specific umes dunng her vvarger, as shown on the Amazon table, Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Amazons are skilled with all weapons and armoy, including shields. Note: Each armor skill has a minimum Strength score. Another is gained at 2nd level, and one. At 9th through Ith level Group 3 abilities can be taken. These ehoiees are listed on the Amazon table. Some of these choices have prerequisites, abilities that must be taken first.

Fail- ure means the ability cannot be used for the rest of the day. Mana potions-can restore an ability, counting its group number as its spell level. A restored ability can be Used freely until the amazon fails another cheek while using it Group Aswimies Critical Strike: You gain the feat Improved Critical.

A hit deals normal arrow damage plus 1d6 paints of nonmag- ical fire damage. You can turn one normal arrow into a fire arrow for each ranged attack your level allows. These arrows always hit, and have a 11 enhancement bonus to damage, You can turn one nonmagical arrow into a magic arrow for each ranged attack your level allows. The magic arrows di appear after they hit. A hit deals normal arrow damage plus Id6 points of cold damage.

A target subject to cold effects must make 3 Fortitude save or be slawed for 1d3 rounds see Chapter 3. You can turn one nonmagic arrow into a cold arrow for each ranged altack your level allows. IF you de not attack or move more than 5 feet in yeur turn, you gein a 14 dodge bonus to your AC against melee attacks.

Arrows used in this way aanvt be recovered. The javelin streaks toward its target, leaving a trail of green vapor. They must make Fortitude save at DC 15 or take point of temperary Constitution damage.

Lost Constitution is regained at the rate of point per day 2 per day if the character only rests. The javelin cant be recovered Power Strike: You can take a full-round action to attack once with a melee weapon. If you hit, you also discharge an electrical bolt into the foe. The bole deals Ld8 points of electrical damage for every 5 levels you have achieved maximum 5d8. Prerequi- site: Dodge Attacks. Prerequisite: Poison Javelin. The arrow is charged with lethal energy that deals dam- age to all creatures within 15 feet of the creature hit.

The biast deals 1d6 points of damage for every two of your levels maximurr 10d6. A creature net hit but in the area. Impale: You can deal more damage with a melee weapon at the cost of its Durability. Declare this ability: before rolling the attack. Your weapon takes an automatic 2 points of, Durability damage. Prerequisite: Jab. Pre- Power Strike, Bole of Lightning, fou can use a full-round action to enchant and fire a normal arrow that hits the nearest foe within eange, even turning corners or flying through an open door.

IF twa or more fbes are al equal range the target is determined randomly. Prerequisite: Cold Arrow, Multiple Shot. Ice Arrow": You can use a full-round action to enchant and fire a normal arrow as an ice arrow, [n addition to its normal damage, the arrow deals 2d6 points of culd da age. Failure leaves the foe frozen in place andhelpless fer 1d3 rounds. The javelin streaks towaed its target. A cloud of noxious gas expands outward 15 Feet from its paint of impact and remains until your net tur.

Creatresin hiserea are expored 9 the po- son as i struck Breathing creatures within 5 feet of the path of the javekn are exposed to its gas trail. They must make a Fortitude save at DC 15 or take point of temporary Constitution damage.

The javelin cant be recovered. The decoy lasts round per three levels you have achieved. Prerequisites: Slaw Missile. Evade: You can become more difficult to hit. Prerequi- Fend: You gan the feat Creat regardless of whether yo meet the prerequisites. Each time sou slay a foe, take a free melee attack against another fee in range.

If y have the feat Great Cleave, this has no effect. Prerequisite: Impale. When the arrow hits, it ates a fiery explosion. In adel tien to normal damage, the arrow deals 4d6 points of fire damage. At the point of impact, an explosion deals Id6 points of damage for each two of your levels to all crea tures in a lQ-foot radius mum The area. This ability can be used only with ranged weapons that do not require move-equivalent actions 10 reload or ready such as arrows, daggers, shuriken, and so on.

Crossbows cannot be used— though a repeating crossbow can be employed antl it needs to be reloaded. The arrow deals normal damage to whatever it strikes, plus an additional 4u6 cold damage. A creature failing the save is frozenin place and helpless for 1d3 rounds. Each round a frozen creature must make another Fortitude save or be dealt an additional 2d6 points of cald damage. Prerequeste: lee Arrow. In miceflight, the javelin transforms into a bolt of lightning that deals a half-strength F chain lightning effect.

You deal Id points of electrical damage for each two of your levels maximum IOd6. The bolt ares to other foes within 30 feet of your foe, up to one creature for each of your [ev- els. A secondary are deals half as many dice damage as the primary bolt, rounded dewn. You deal ld points of eleetrical dam age for each two of your levels maximum 10d6 , The bolt arcs to other foes within 30 feet of your foe, up to cone creature for each of your levels. Prerequisite: Charged Strike.

Prerequ Penatrate.


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From highest priority to lowest: Implement all original Diablo II functionality. It will be cross-platform, easily run on modern systems in high resolution. Have a good separation of the Game and the Engine, so that engine can be used separately to create Diablo-like games. Create an original game in the setting of Diablo. Why Unity?


Diablo II: Diablerie


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