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The event reflects the running status of the equipment. The Alarm Log window opens. Timing Configuration window — Timing Maintenance tab Filter the maintenance list by selecting Maintenance Type or Card in the respective drop-down lists. To acknowledge all current alarms, do not select an alarm and then click Acknowledge all. Some attributes cannot be configured for autonegotiation.

License purchase order values Click Down Load to download the configuration data to the equipment. To set NE attributes: There are two options: The window lists all the clocks for external references that can be selected. Select the XCs to be exported and click Save.

The default settings for attributes range are: In addition, you can open the Timing Configuration window — Timing Maintenance tab on page from the main menu to view the current clock working mode and clock reference of the NE.

Therefore, you can view various equipment alarms and performance data through the LCT-BGF, in order to monitor the running status of the equipment. ABNT PDF License purchase order format This operation should not be used until system debugging is in service bg the faulty equipment has been restored. Timing Configuration window — Timing Maintenance tab This window displays the timing work mode and current hg references for the clock.

Eci bg 20 mux pdf files To configure the Synchronous Timing table for an NE: Set Subcard Attributes window Masking Alarms In some cases, the alarms of some ports and functional blocks are irrelevant to the service. Viewing Card Information You can view descriptive information for each card. The following operations can be performed: Sync Timing Configuration window ECC stack management information you to receive prewarning signals in sufficient time before an NEenables is disconnected due to DCC hardware channel performance deterioration, and to locate the problem for a specific NE after disconnection.

Eci bg 20 mux pdf files ncwwmvd A protection network is planned, but the actual network has no protection due to lack of fiber resources. The Policer List window opens. Input the following parameters for the policer: Listen and Talk and Listen Only. When the data collection time of the current register reaches 15 minutes or 24 hours, the data is dumped to the recent registers, if the data is valid.

The right side contains port information, and consists of two tabs: Port Attributes window for LAN ports In this window, four attributes can be configured and three are read-only. Maintenance personnel can modify parameters of an operating NE to detect and solve eeci problems within the element. Set the service type by selecting either the Working or Protection radio button. Get Current Payload Rate window The managed object cannot be the member ports.

If Flow Control is enabled, the range is rci enabled and disabled. You can filter by alarm object, alarm severity, alarm type, acknowledge status, clearance mode, and generation time.

Select the relevant Performance Type radio button. Click Get to retrieve the bandwidth profile from the equipment. The default setting is 8. Import Trail From File window The output interface can be used to output the control volume for example, the control relay switch and to provide alarm output to an external piece of equipment.

Therefore, you must treat the information contained in the documentation and disk as any other copyrighted material for example, a book or musical recording. At the same time, the counter is reset and another round of hour performance statistics starts to accumulate.

All the dynamically learned addresses need aging. TOP 10 Related.



Dair The Electronic Label window opens. Define the following card attributes and then click Apply efi your changes to take effect: Viewing the Electronic Card Label The electronic card label is typically used during engineering and production maintenance, and displays the equipment hardware and software versions. Each clock reference has multiple reference attributes, including the reference ID, physical location, clock frequency, synchronous status S1 type value, S1 user-defined attributes, gg, availability status, and application status. You can import trail files for server trails, client trails, and NE XCs. Click Upload to upload the configuration data from the equipment. A warm reset only resets the central processing unit of the cards, meaning it repositions fci running of card usage programs. Eci bg 20 mux pdf files If the number of selected timeslots is inconsistent or the timeslot selection does not comply with cross-connection principles, an error message is displayed.


ECI BG 20/30 MUX – (2-Days)


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