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Jujar Ease of Assembly Luer lock only: By contrast, many plastic materials may be regarded semi-rigid although the wall thickness is an important factor influencing the rigidity of a component. Unscrewing Torque Luer lock only: Tests whether the sample Luer cracks in the 48 hours following assembly. Tests if the sample Luer leaks air when under pressure. EN TheraGenesis It excludes provision for more flexible or elastomeric materials. A calibrated plug or ring gauge checks the dimensions of a sample Luer.

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Mexico We use cookies on our website to ensure that we give you the best user experience. High precision reference fittings are assembled to the fitting under test by simultaneously applying a specified axial force and application torque. Test Procedure Using the relevant precision reference fitting, the Helixa is used to apply the defined torque and axial load.

The correctly assembled joint can then be tested for leak tightness, separation force, or resistance to overriding as required. Test Apparatus Standards masses to provide a constant axial force as required by the relevant standard. Method The Helixa can be programmed to apply an application torque as specified in the standard. Masses can be added to the carrier tray to provide a constant download as the fittings are assembled. If required, individual or batch identity can be entered for traceability purposes.

Pre-programed tests can be selected on the touch screen console, and are conducted automatically. All results are stored in the system, and they can also be exported to a house data-logging or SPC system. Printed or. This overview is intended to provide a basic understanding of the test procedure and suitable equipment to meet the standard. Testing Luer lock fittings Sample preparation for Luer lock testing Luer lock fittings.


BS EN ISO 80369-7:2017

Elastomeric parts for parenterals and for devices for pharmaceutical use — Part 2: Tests whether the sample Luer remains attached under a specific unscrewing counter-clockwise torque. Outlined below are the tests Anecto utilises. The annex on liquid leakage is given as an example. Mervue Business ParkGalway, Ireland.


EN 20594-1:1993

Mugis Testing exposes any product weaknesses and ensures quality. NOTE — It is not practicable to define the characteristics of rigid or semi-rigid materials with precision, but glass and metal may be considered as typical rigid materials. Lumen ID Using pin gauges generally supplied by customer. Mervue Business ParkGalway, Ireland.

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