I had feared he would not be there. He was not there. But everybody else was. Many writers whom I had quite forgotten, or remembered but faintly, lived again for me, they and their work, in Mr. The book was as thorough as it was brilliantly written.

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A Memory of the Nineteen-Nineties

But I am watching very closely. I can actually see the minute hand creeping toward the Roman numeral X. Above, the vast blue plaster dome with its arched windows and skylight is just as it was a hundred years ago, on that terrible day when -- A distant loose-leaf binder clicks shut. Then, at last, , the moment I have been waiting for. To be here, in this spot in London, on this day at ten past two, I have traveled 4, miles and planned for thirty-four and a half years. I idolized Mr.


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Enoch Soames by Max Beerbohm Writing as a narrator describing events from his own past, Beerbohm presents himself as a moderately successful young English essayist during the s. He then relates the tragic history of an older colleague named Enoch Soames. The son of a bookseller from Preston , living off an inherited annuity, he is an utterly obscure, forgettable aspiring poet in the Decadent manner. Over the course of the story, he authors three unsuccessful books, of which Beerbohm provides parodies of his book of poems, "Fungoids". The self-obsessed Soames is deeply depressed, consumed with the belief that he is an unrecognised great author and, despite his complete failure so far, keenly curious about his "certain" posthumous fame. He therefore agrees to a contract offered by the Devil, who introduces himself from a neighbouring table.

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Enoch Soames – Max Beerbohm



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