We will not print any libelous material nor any personal insults. We reserve the right to edit any submission. Submissions posted through our website will not post immediately, as they are reviewed by the editorial department. Go Ashley! Hey Henry, we are in serious trouble.

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We will not print any libelous material nor any personal insults. We reserve the right to edit any submission. Submissions posted through our website will not post immediately, as they are reviewed by the editorial department. Go Ashley! Hey Henry, we are in serious trouble. Surely someone will step up and rescue the nation. Hey Henry, what we need to do next: 1. Americans stop buying cheap junk from China. Hey Henry, why is no one filling all the pot holes on the roads while there is less traffic?

Hey Henry, as serious as the coronavirus is, I still see young adults carefree and frolicking about. My grandchildren are on lockdown and they go nowhere. To play Russian roulette and chance bringing it home to parents or, worse yet, grandparents is dangerously foolish.

Put a price on that! He needs to pay the price in November. Use common sense, intelligence, and a medical doctor to make your own decisions instead of counting on anyone else to do so. Hey Henry, not all government workers are sitting at home doing nothing and collecting a check. Teachers are busting their tails, as are many other government workers. Seems to me if you are going to take his money, he is your President and you owe him a vote in !

Without testing the open economy will only result in an explosion of virus infections. Hey Henry, while the county libraries are closed, visit a Little Free Library around the county. The locations are available online. Thanks, Peggy! Hey Henry, while in the grocery store most people are courteous and stay clear of each other, but some people stroll by you closer than a foot. It makes me uncomfortable and I wonder has common sense been taken over by ignorance?

Hey Henry, I am an African American. We are better off than we were 60 years ago but is it really to the credit of the Democrats? Hey Henry, I recently read that there was a raid where a million N95 mask were stored. Seems you both need better security and inventory control on the important things in life. I will be watching this closely. In lay terms if you were faced with a life threatening ailment or disease, having Trump as your doctor would put you in extreme danger.

Hey Henry, all of you arm-chair US Presidents need to zip it. Not one of you could do a better job given the enormous responsibilities and consequences; belittling and degrading President Trump says a lot about your character. Hey Henry, as usual the government worker fares much better than the plain old working folks who had their hours cut, salary lost, etc. You can bet government workers are sitting at home getting their full paycheck as if nothing has happened.

Uncle Sam takes care of their own, always. Hey Henry, kudos to Walmart, Kroger, cities, and other companies who are recognizing the sacrifice and risk their employees are taking by reporting to work during the coronavirus pandemic. Hey Henry, on Sunday night I asked Alexa to play thunderstorm sounds all night. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was drowning.

Hey Henry, I agree; compared to Biden, Cuomo is the second coming! Hey Henry, the interview with Mr. Hey Henry, to the person who blames the President for the coronavirus pandemic you are asleep at the wheel. The Chinese government reported in January of this year that there was no human to human transmission and the World Health Organization parroted that deception without doing their own research.

Had the WHO done their job, it is quite likely this pandemic would not have been as severe. Hey Henry, talk about a Democrat who could easily run for President. Governor Cuomo of New York is really looking presidential nowadays. Hey Henry, we need to have Plantation Road re-lined, please. Hey Henry, I am so grateful for our first responders and their dedication to Henry County.

While many of us may be at home working and spending time with our families, they are spending time away from theirs. Hey Henry, the Senate bill was held up because the Republicans wanted giveaways, not the Democrats. Stop spreading Republican misinformation. Hey Henry, most Americans are pulling together to save our country. Enough political BS. Hey Henry, our Rhodes Scholar Governor just found out the virus could be transmitted by someone without symptoms.

The public knew long ago. Negligent for sure, maybe criminal. Hey Henry, after China came clean on the coronavirus, we would have been on top of the situation had Congress not been focused on impeachment in January.

Hey Henry, the level of Trumper ignorance on display here borders on insanity. Hey Henry, since when does having an attractive newscaster make what she says credible? We would have been on top of the coronavirus much sooner had he not. Hey Henry, those who can Republicans do. Oh, geez, I just answered my own question. And shame on the press conference reporters who ask loaded questions to point blame and instill panic.

Hey Henry, Nancy Pelosi is paid with tax dollars, so she definitely has to answer to everyone who pays taxes! He looks ignorant and disgraceful at every news conference. Hey Henry, to the person making the comment about the food stamps cut, this is probably due to the thousands of people who abuse the system, not for your disabled child. All the money the U. Bud Kelley park had about plus cars there on Tuesday. This is not helping to control the virus. Hey Henry, why would anyone in their right mind go on a cruise?

Hey Henry, I notice many people giving me a wide berth, excellent measures. You are doing a great job! Hey Henry, parents should provide meals for their children.

However, not everyone is blessed with the finances to do so, many times because of circumstances beyond their control. Either way, these kids need food.

Hey Henry, stay home! Hey Henry, given the traffic and parking lots in Henry County, people fail to understand that they are supposed to be staying home. Self isolating reduces the spread of the virus!! Hey Henry, for many years I was a service technician on the road all over Georgia. I was rarely if ever at the shop or office and worked in the worst weather daily. Always by myself with sparse contact with anyone. Year after year I was never sick, no flu, cold, nothing.

It pays to stay away from crowds if you can. There is no reason to panic and buy out the stores. Social distancing and the protocols advised by the CDC are effective in containing and slowing the spread of the virus. Everything will get back to normal; supplies will replenish, and the Stock Market will come back stronger than ever. The lesson to be learned is that viruses and disease are just one danger of open borders and lax immigration laws. Hey Henry, leave it to the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi to hold up the senate bill and put a lot of goodies in there.

Working class people need help now! Hey Henry, as usual Trump and the government is getting the blame for the rise in coronavirus. Much of the blame begins with the citizens of America for not taking this seriously and playing ignorant when it comes to transmission.

Hey Henry, time to clean house in Congress. They all stink. Let this be a lesson to America. Get prepared and be prepared for something other than war. Hey Henry, an observation I have made. I have noticed drivers rarely dim their lights.

Approaching a driver with those high beams is not only dangerous but causes eye damage! Hey Henry, we have an ever-increasing problem with feral cats. The HCC needs to institute a trap and neuter plan.


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