Stewart Smith Updated July 15, Do you want a job that requires you to know and share secret government information? If so, you will require a security clearance. A security clearance depending upon the level of secrecy of the information you will work with will require a lie detector, a special background investigation SBI , and criminal and financial background checks. Computer programmers, intelligence analysts, even foreign relations and linguists with the government or contracting companies will require higher level secruity clearances to obtain.

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Security clearances remain active when there is a demonstrated need for access to classified information. If you left employment or changed positions, your clearance may no longer be active. What should I do? Click the "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page to save your data. Then click the "Log-out" button at the top right-hand side of the screen to exit the system.

I have completed this form in the past. Data from previously completed paper forms or data from other automated systems has not been loaded into this system. Where do I get help for completing a specific question? Click the "Help" link located upper left hand corner of each page general help information, or you may wish to contact the agency that sponsored you for assistance with specific sections or questions.

Can I certify my form with errors? No, all "Error" and "Warning" messages must be sufficiently satisfied before you can certify and release your e-QIP request to your sponsoring agency. What do I do? Click on the link entitled "Enter Your Data" to begin entering your personal data. I have to enter a foreign address. What do I enter for the zip code? If there is a postal code associated with the foreign address, enter it in the comment field Can I use my personal computer to fill out my e-QIP while abroad?

Yes, you can use your personal computer - at home or at the office. I forgot to enter information. Is it possible for me to go back? If you have not certified your responses, please use the navigation bar on the left to navigate to the sections and questions you need to change. You will be able to change your responses and provide additional information, if needed. If you have certified your responses, you cannot make any changes. Please release the form to your agency. Your sponsoring agency has the ability to return the request back to you in a manner that allows you to make amendments to your form.

Please contact your sponsoring agency if you would like the form to be returned to you. I hit the Back button and something strange happened.

Use the section navigation menu on the left or the buttons at the bottom of the screen instead.


Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing



eQIP Questions and Answers






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