Adams HR. Hemostatic and anticoagulant drugs. Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics 5th edition. Ames, Iowa. EEUU: Ed.

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Adams HR. Hemostatic and anticoagulant drugs. Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics 5th edition. Ames, Iowa. EEUU: Ed. The Iowa State University Press, ; Prostaglandins, related factors and citoquines. En: Adams HR ed. Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics 7th edition.

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Etamsylate - Indications, Dosage, Side Effects and Precautions

Active principle: etamsylate Etamsylate mg. E , excipients q. By improving platelet adhesiveness and restoring capillary resistance, it reduces the bleeding time and blood losses. Etamsylate has no. Pharmacokinetics : When given p.


Dicynone 500 tablets Antihemorrhagic

It stimulates thrombopoiesis and their release from bone marrow. Haemostatic action is due to activation of thromboplastin formation on damaged sites of small blood vessels and decrease of PgI2 Prostacyclin I2 synthesis; it also facilitates platelet aggregation and adhesion , that at last induce decrease and stop of hemorrhage. It has been shown to reduce bleeding time and blood loss from wounds. This appears to relate to increased platelet aggregation mediated by a thromboxane A2 or prostaglandin F2a dependent mechanism. It has also been associated with decreased concentrations of 6-oxoprostaglandin F1a, a stable metabolite of prostacyclin.




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