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Sampler or Digital Recorder? Thanks to the power afforded by the new sound generator chip, you get both. This means you can record either short samples for playback on the keyboard, or long, linear takes similar to a digital recorder. Eight stereo audio tracks are now standard on all Fantom-X6, -X7, and -X8 models. Samples can be slaved to tempo with realtime timestretching and edited using powerful tools like Wave Edit and Chop.

Users are free to load samples in. Would you believe there are over samples used in this single Patch? Many of the instruments were recorded in world-class studios using multiple microphones and were mixed like music into samples by renowned studio engineer Dan Blessinger Martinsound - resulting in a level of quality unheard of before.

With Skip Back Sampling, your ideas never get lost because the sampler is constantly recording every note you play - be it on the keyboard or Dynamic Pad Bank - while keeping the musical bars in tact. Speaking of which, these 16 velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive pads now sport twice the polyphony and an improved feel for even more natural drum programming and sample triggering.

Lay down a drum track by combining the internal drum sounds with loops, which can automatically sync to tempo via realtime timestretch. Then record some keyboard parts as MIDI and finish your song by tracking guitars, vocals, or other live audio tracks. With all the menus and screens in color, navigating the Fantom-X becomes that much more a pleasure. Even the bitmap images appear more lifelike, adding to the overall experience.

Complete Studio Effects and Mastering Tools Onboard effects include separate reverb and chorus processors, plus three multi-effects processors loaded with sound sculpting tools ideal for creative sampling. In Performance mode, all three MFX can be configured for full parallel or complete serial use - or any combination in between. Second, it can be used to import and export audio in. Likewise, you can quickly mix down your song, re-sample it in stereo, and then transfer the file to a computer for CD-burning.

Imagine being able to instantly trigger clips from the Dynamic Pad Bank, or create transitions and effects using the pitch bender and knobs.


Roland Fantom-X7 Manuals

Because of this, large amounts of data are sent to the Fantom, and the Manual; p. Page 13 Troubleshooting When using sequencing software, operating the knobs or other controls does not affect the sound. For some sequencing programs, System Exclusive messages are not transmitted by the Thru function. If you are using such sequencer software and want to record system exclusive messages, turn on the following parameters. You can change this by setting MFX Control. However, the With the Fantom, you can set the Bank Select and Program parameter that can be controlled and the MIDI message that Change number for each individual Zone so as to match the will be used are fixed, and cannot be changed.


Roland Fantom Owner's Manual




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