Первый полностью официальный сеттинг Забытых Королевств Forgotten Realms Campaign Set был выпущен несколько позже, в году в виде коробочного набора из двух книг и четырёх больших карт, разработанных Эдом Гринвудом совместно с Джефом Граббом. Конец х — середина х Править После успеха сеттинга Забытых Королевств в мае г. В г. Каждый выпуск включал в себя 26 страниц. Всего было выпущено 25 журналов, дата издания последнего — год.

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Who would have believed that anything had the power to rip Halaster Blackcloak bodily from his Undermountain? Who again could predict the maelstrom of dangers that a dungeon gone made would unleash upon an unsuspecting Realms? At dawn of Highharvestide , every practitioner of magic on the Sword Coast knew there was a problem.

By midmorning, the Lords of Waterdeep confirmed the ill omens: Some brave souls worthy of the title "Hero" must enter Undermountain on a mission to save Halaster Blackcloak! Could these heroes be your group of player characters? This is a stand-alone module and does not require extra support materials. Schend, is the third adventure in a series of three focusing on Undermountain Dungeon Crawls. It was published in January Completing the Undermountain Trilogy. Undermountain: Stardock is the last of the trilogy of Undermountain Forgotten Realms adventures.

Farewell to TSR. More notably, Stardock was the last roleplaying book published by TSR before they plunged into near-bankruptcy in early Their financial problems were a few years coming, but the full-blown crisis was precipitated by massive bookstore returns from Random House in late TSR laid off 30 staff members, but the problems escalated, and they soon became unable to pay for their printing, warehousing, and shipping.

This caused a rather sudden halt in their production. Stardock seems to have snuck in just under the wire. Adventure Tropes. Like the other Dungeon Crawls, Stardock is pretty much … a dungeon crawl.

No surprise there! It contains a very classic killer dungeon maze as well as a less traditional Spelljammer asteroid. Underlying it all is a MacGuffin quest for Halaster which means that it has a bit more plotline than a fully classic dungeon crawl would. Expanding Undermountain. The Ruins of Undermountain said it was the best-known of the gates that Halaster used to restock the monsters in dungeon.

However, that module also claimed that Stardock was somewhere "beyond the fringes of Realmspace", while this new supplement instead places it in the Tears of Selune. Besides featuring a new area of Undermountain, Stardock also puts the spotlight on new-ish organization: the Twisted Rune of Calimshan. Love It or Hate It? The Realms had already been tied to the Spelljammer setting through previous books like Elves of Evermeet and some fiction. Future History.

About the Creators. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Forgotten Realms

The Terminus Level Also known as the Deep Mines, this level was a mix of dwarf-built chambers, depleted mithral mines, and vast natural caverns. The Terminus Level connected with the heart of Undermountain through the Shaft. Of course, Halaster himself spread many of these rumors, in hopes of inducing more adventurers to die foolish deaths in his trap-filled Underhalls. What was not typical of these sewer tunnels however, were the links to the famed Halls of Undermountain which ensured a constant supply of creatures to inhabit them and an even more constant supply of adventurers to combat them. Many adventurers also used the sewers as an access point, bypassing the more notable entrances to the dungeon complex below. Set in a cavernous region carved by a tributary of the River Sargauth, this thriving forest was nourished by sunlight filtered through a massive portal in the "sky" above.


The Ruins of Undermountain

Первый полностью официальный Набор Кампании Забытых Королевств Forgotten Realms Campaign Set был выпущен несколько позже, в году , в виде коробочного набора из двух книг и четырёх больших карт, разработанных Эдом Гринвудом совместно с Джеффом Граббом и Кареном Мортином. В г. Игра была довольно популярна и получила несколько продолжений. Сеттинг был переработан в г. Дополнительные игровые материалы для сеттинга, а также множество романов разных авторов, постоянно выпускались на протяжении х.

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