Diversity is about bringing more people to the table. Decolonization is about changing the way we think. So what does that mean for design and designers? So with this article we wanted to give an introductory overview of the concept, addressing the questions: How have colonial histories affected the way in which we design?

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Pelosi: Trump fiddles as people are dying CNN House Democratic leaders laid out their priorities for an ambitious fourth coronavirus response package on Monday, saying they hope to pass bipartisan legislation with more direct payments for individuals , money for state and local governments, and funding for infrastructure.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said members will be working together to craft the legislation as they remain in their districts for much of April, hoping to vote on the bill when the House returns. Exactly when House members will come back to the Capitol remains in flux, but House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Monday in a notice to lawmakers that no votes are expected before April Before that, lawmakers passed two other coronavirus response bills. Democrats on Monday laid out a number of policies Republicans are likely to take issue with -- and there also appears to be some disagreement about whether another response bill is necessary at this point.

Democrats are taking a different tack, jumping into discussions about what they want to see in another measure. Pelosi, along with Reps. They said they want to: Give more direct payments to individuals.

Pass "significantly more" money for state and local governments, as well as additional funding for hospitals and nursing homes. Ensure coronavirus treatments, and not just testing, will be free. Provide for protective equipment needs, such as masks and gloves. Require an emergency Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard to protect health care workers and other at-risk workers, such as TSA employees, first responders, and grocery store employees.

Address the impact on available funding for Washington, DC, that was caused by its classification as a territory instead of a state in the third coronavirus response bill. Eliminate previous exemptions made for large employers regarding paid sick leave and family leave. She added that Democrats are currently "collecting information, taking inventory" of the needs Congress may have to address in the near future. She emphasized that Democrats want the fourth coronavirus response bill to be bipartisan.

Pallone and Scott, who both chair committees that will be involved in drafting the legislation, said they are in communication with the top Republicans on their committees. Obviously there will be some differences, but to the extent that we can cooperate, we will," said Scott, who chairs the committee on Education and Labor.


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What Does It Mean to Decolonize Design?


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