Buku Agama Skizofrenia bukan buku sembarangan menurut saya, hal ini jelas karena dengan lahirnya buku ini, beberapa kali mas Ahmad Fauzi dipanggil oleh pihak kepolisian karena tuduhan penistaan agama, tetapi satu yang menarik dari hal kejadian-kejadian ini adalah bahwa mas Ahmad Fauzi masih hidup tenang sebagai petani posisi saya menulis ini mengetahui bahwa mas Ahmad sekarang sibuk bertani , sebuah kesimpulan sederhana saya buat tentang perihal mas Ahmad yang kuat menghadapi tuduhan yang diberikan oleh LUIS dan FPI adalah bahwa mas Ahmad memiliki backupan yang kuat, yaitu ilmu pengetahuan dan rasionalitas yang jelas, argument-argumen yang nalar sehingga bisa menjadikan mas Ahmad berani mengambil sikap atas apa yang menyerangnya. Baiklah, buku Agama Skizofrenia sendiri seperti yang sudah saya terangkan di atas terbukti sahih memancing masalah, hahaha. Bagaimana tidak? Sebuah buku yang didalamnya memuat tentang sebuah pertanyaan-pertanyaan besar yang sudah coba dijawab oleh agama, kemudian dihancurkan kembali secara kritis tanpa sisa ruang untuk menutupi kebohongan yang dibuatnya. Ajakan untuk melihat dan bertanya kembali seperti bagaimanan seandainya tuhan bukan lagi pusat agama, maka spiritiualisme yang mewujud Bersama sifat dan eksistensi ketuhanan sudah tidak bermakna lagi, bukankah menjadi sebuah dekonstruksi yang sebenarnya perlu kita tengok, perlu kita sedikit berani untuk menoleh kebelakang dan mengatakan demikian, menyadarinya bahwa peluang kesana adalah ada.

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Close Coronavirus — Opportunity Or Obstacle Corona usually refers to an aura visible appearance of plasma ionized gas around the sun. The coronavirus that is infecting humans for the first time which is why we have no immunity is covid Yet covid is a bloodless, lifeless term with no emotional relevance to human experience. That is why, in my opinion, we continue to call the virus that has infected us the coronavirus.

We sense that it is intimately related to us humans. As we become multisensory — able to perceive beyond the limitations of the five senses — we begin to see that everything around us is symbolic.

The world is no longer random and meaningless. It is filled with meaning, and we can learn about ourselves from it.

What can we learn about ourselves from the coronavirus? The corona of the sun extends millions of miles into space and is hugely hotter than the visible surface of the sun. It is not detectable without instruments, except during a solar eclipse, but it is real and its effects upon the Earth are real. Is there an invisible part of us that extends far beyond what our five senses can detect and whose effects upon us are large and real?

There are many, and we call one of them our collective consciousness. We can detect the surface, so to speak, of our collective consciousness just as we can detect the visible surface of the sun with dark sunglasses. For example, we say that the origins of our mythologies, religions, and cultures are contained in our collective consciousness. Everything about humanity is contained in it. The corona of our collective consciousness, so to speak, is that part of our collective consciousness that extends far beyond its surface, which means beyond what we can see in it our mythologies, religions, and cultures and is hugely more impactful.

This is our love and our fear. They are huge parts of our collective consciousness, and they impact us greatly moment by moment. They are, metaphorically speaking, the corona of our collective consciousness. The coronavirus is showing how large are the fear and love in our collective consciousness.

We are beginning to recognize the fear in our collective consciousness as our fear. I am beginning to recognize it as my fear, and you are beginning to recognize it as your fear.

At the same time, we are beginning to recognize the love in our collective consciousness as our love. I am beginning to recognize it as my love, and you are beginning to recognize it as your love. Let your experiences of the coronavirus show you the intense, unbearable pain of your fear and the fear in our collective consciousness and the ineffable bliss of your love and the love in our collective consciousness.

We have so much to learn from the coronavirus, if we are open to learning. And this is the beginning. Even not acting and not speaking are actions, and each has an intention. Your intention is the most important thing, not what you do. Your intention is why you do what you do. For example, imagine that you are hiking with a friend, and she suddenly pushes you violently off the trail. If she pushes you because she sees a rattlesnake, and she intends to keep you safe, her push comes from love.

She cares about you. If she pushes you because she intends to keep herself safe, her push comes from fear. She cares about herself. Imagine that we are all on a trail together.

The trail is your life. Which kind of individual do you want to hike with — one who cares about you as well as herself or one who cares only about herself? The coronavirus is the sudden danger. However, some of them do these things to protect you as well as themselves. They wash their hands to protect you as well as themselves. They stay inside to protect you as well as themselves. They buy food for themselves, and they leave some for you.

If they become infected, they suffer without a hand to hold theirs in order to protect you. If they need help, they get it to protect themselves and you. They are heroes.

Their intention is love. Others do the same things to protect only themselves. They buy all that they can whenever they can. They go out whenever they choose. They are frightened. Their intention is fear. The streets of our great cities and small towns are not always empty because of lockdowns. Empty streets are one sign of it. Open hearts are another.

When I graduated from college, I volunteered to fly fighters because I felt that was the heart of the Air Force. My eye sight prevented me, so I joined the Infantry because I felt that was the heart of the Army.

When I wrote about quantum physics, I reached for the heart of this new discipline so I could write a book about it without scientific jargon and give non-scientists like me a clear and understandable explanation of it. I have come to see the heart of everything that we do and experience, individually and as a species, as consciousness. Our consciousness. My consciousness.

Changing anything in the world, including myself, requires changing consciousness. The only place I can change consciousness is in myself.

Now I come to the coronavirus. Like everything I see around me, I see the coronavirus as symbolic. It has a lesson to teach me, and in my opinion, it has a lesson to teach us.

The coronavirus is real in that it kills, the world economy is crippled, hundreds of millions have no work or shelter or comforting hand to hold theirs when they are ill.

The most difficult is yet to come in economically undeveloped countries and collectives. At the same time, the coronavirus shows me what fear in my consciousness — anger, jealousy, resentment, feelings of superiority and entitlement, feelings of inferiority and need to please, and every obsession, compulsion and addiction — has created in me: distance from others, incapacitation, and indifference.

I see fear in my consciousness contributing to the massive global experience that comes to us as the coronavirus. I also see love in my consciousness — gratitude, appreciation, caring, patience, awe of the Universe — contributing to a new human species of unimaginable constructive potential. We contribute to it each time we choose love instead of fear. The coronavirus offers each of us — all eight billion of us — opportunities to choose love instead of fear in the same context at the same time!

For example, we choose love when we isolate ourselves in order to protect others as well as ourselves. We choose fear when we isolate ourselves to protect only ourselves.

It becomes fearful distance when we create it to protect only ourselves. We are in love when we wear a mask to protect others from the virus that may be in us. We are in fear when we wear it only to protect ourselves from the virus that may be in others. We choose love when we leave the last package of pasta on the shelf for someone else to buy. We choose love every time we make the needs of others as important to us as our own.

The coronavirus is unlike any event in our history. It calls us to participate in a new and different human species that creates consciously with love instead of unconsciously in fear.

It invites us into the sunlight for the first time. I hold this reality close in my heart every moment, and I offer it to you to hold as well. Love, Welcome to We support individuals around the world in creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships.

Here are some healthier, alternative thoughts about the coronavirus to lift your spirit while you are in quarantine, make you smile, and help you create authentic power. Scroll down to read the latest.


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But man needs both. Capra later discussed his ideas with Werner Heisenberg in , as he mentioned in the following interview excerpt: I had several discussions with Heisenberg. I lived in England then [circa ], and I visited him several times in Munich and showed him the whole manuscript chapter by chapter. He was very interested and very open, and he told me something that I think is not known publicly because he never published it.


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