Example of responsorial psalmody in Gregorian chant Problems playing these files? See media help. Antiphonal chants such as the Introit , and Communion originally referred to chants in which two choirs sang in alternation, one choir singing verses of a psalm, the other singing a refrain called an antiphon. Over time, the verses were reduced in number, usually to just one psalm verse and the doxology , or even omitted entirely. Antiphonal chants reflect their ancient origins as elaborate recitatives through the reciting tones in their melodies.

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Jump to navigation Jump to search Willi Apel October 10, — March 14, was a German-American musicologist and noted author of a number of books devoted to music. He studied mathematics from to , and then again after World War I from to , in various universities in Weimar Germany. Throughout his studies, he had an interest in music and taught piano lessons. He then turned to music full-time, and essentially taught himself about musicology. He received his Ph. He taught at Harvard from to , but moved on to spend twenty years at Indiana University beginning in In he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the university.

His approach was to give as much attention to Medieval, Renaissance and world music as was given to familiar subjects such as Mozart and Beethoven ; this influenced the higher music education in the USA.

His book on the notation of early polyphonic music was also written in the s, and still serves as one of the essential works on the subject. In he published a large work on plainchant , which provided a comprehensive guide of the repertoire and its sources.

Over the years, CEKM presented the music of less known composers such as Johann Ulrich Steigleder , Bernardo Storace , Peeter Cornet , and others, and also included modern editions of various important manuscripts such as the 16th century Jan z Lublina tablature. Apel was the general editor for CEKM and edited a total of ten volumes; his pupils provided dozens more.

An English translation by Hans Tischler appeared in Willi Apel died at age 94 in Bloomington, Indiana.


Gregorian Chant



Gregorian chant


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