Reinventing The Tattoo We just added a detailed step-by-step tutorial showing the completion of an outer space organic mech hand tattoo, condensing the full 4. You can check it out now on Page 7. This project has given Guy a chance to go back through the entire text and rewrite parts of it to reflect our current understandings of tattooing, plus it was a chance to get the Photoshop chapters current and talk about the changes happening with machines, tubes and needles, including the new cartridge systems. This new edition is subscription based, with the goal of adding new content regularly so that your Reinventing experience is constantly evolving and can be customized to your path as a developing artist.

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You can read more in the Reinventing FAQ below or by checking out the item description at our online store. Q What exactly is Reinventing The Tattoo? A Reinventing The Tattoo is a continuing education program for professional tattooists and apprentices of professionals, written and produced by recognized artist Guy Aitchison.

For much of the 24 years of his career, Guy has taught seminars and written books on various subjects in tattooing such as color use or composition. In , he released the first edition of Reinventing, which at the time was designed to accompany a day-long seminar that he was teaching at conventions.

The forum that was started in connection with the book has had contributions by hundreds of artists of all levels of experience. Far from being a minor upgrade to the first edition, the new version is a complete redesign and rebuild in a vastly more colorful, user-friendly format.

Reinventing The Tattoo is for professional tattooists and apprentices of professionals. It is not meant to show you how to tattoo, but to show how to tattoo better. Q I already have the first edition. A Color is just a small part of the upgrade. Many of the tattoos and illustration from the first edition are still there, but some have been phased out and replaced with other examples; in most cases chapters have been lengthened.

In addition, the text is now broken into smaller bits; there is still the main text of each chapter, but this is supplemented by smaller boxes with side comments, suggestions, definitions etc. Some major additions include a discussion, including detailed diagrams, of the major muscle groups, along with exercises at the end of many of the chapters that can be downloaded from the website. The discussion of technical matters has been upgraded in even more noticeable ways, with far more detailed discussions of machines, needles, tubes and all their related details.

The section on machines has almost tripled in size, including many new diagrams. The technical parts of the book also contain a number of new troubleshooting checklists, which detail ways to work through problems with machine performance, ink flow, precision, etc.

This is followed by the chapters showing step-by-step execution of some tattoos; although this includes some of the same pieces as the first edition, the chapters are all upgraded and a number of new pieces have been added, including two magnum-first projects and an example of a project on a difficult body part- the neck.

One very noteable addition to the book is the DVD. At 40 different times in the book, the reader is instructed to watch the corresponding video clip. These vary in length fro 16 seconds to 5 minutes, and are meant to be watched as an accompaniment to the book rather than a stand-alone educational video. These clips feature closeup footage of tattooing, painting and other subjects, and include a voiceover by Guy explaining the content of the footage.

These clips are also accompanied by a musical soundtrack featuring the music of Sunchannel, Satchi Om and Ajja Leu. This is a totally new educational package, based on the first edition. It comes in a deluxe slipcase; all books are signed by the author.

A Unfortunately, the rebate expired in Q So what kind of tricks does Reinventing The Tattoo have to show me? Guy does share quite a few small hints, suggestions and tricks that can help your work, but all of them are useful only in a larger context where the design and execution are all handled the right way. Most importantly, this book and video aim to help gain a better artistic understanding, allowing for an easier grasp of better tattoo design, which is at least as important as good technique.

In the technical parts of the book, the machine tuning area in particular, are details of developing a closer relationship with your equipment and a better feel for how small changes to its tuning can effect its performance. Along with that comes less technical struggle, and when coupled with a better compositional skills makes for for stronger tattooing with way less struggle.

Mostly, the success of your color work is up to you, not the products you use. Good technique, equipment and pigments are all important too, but the design and color use is of absolute importance. Q Guy is known for doing that crazy biomechanical stuff, and I just want to know how to do better normal tattoos. Is there anything in the book for me? In addition, the majority of the work featured in the book is of more conventional subject matter, tattooed the way that Guy tattoos.

A The Reinventing The Tattoo forums are discussion boards for anyone who has either the first or second edition of the book. You can begin by browsing through the thousands of entries that have been posted by hundreds of participating artists over the past 8 years or so. You can then post your own comments on some of these subjects, or start discussions of your own. You and other members can privately message each other as well.

The forums also include areas to submit tattoos or other artwork for comment by other artists. This is a safe place to submit work, where you will get honest answers without being torn apart and fed to the dogs. Participation in the forums provides a chance to extend your education as far as you want.


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Hyperspace Studios is organizing a series of free interactive webinars, every days during the quarantine, where Guy Aitchison talks in detail with a number of artists about their design and technical execution in great detail, including questions from audience members. Participants can take part in a lively and in-depth conversation about both design and technique, with the option of joining the exercise workshop April 10th at 4PM EST. Participants are emailed an exercise to work on at the workshop. All exercises will be graded by Ivana Tattoo Art and Guy Aitchison in a live session a few days later. Join Ivana and Guy at 4 pm EST the evening of April 10 via Google Hangout, drawing group participants can work on and share their exercises while we talk about art, life, the world, and our industry while possibly enjoying a beer. Take advantage of these slow weeks in the studio and double down on your professional development.


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