A rotating, noise-canceling microphone reduces background chatter, and convenient in-line volume and mute controls let you adjust audio on the fly. Rated 5 out of 5 byEli from Features on this product to date have exceeded expI am very pleased with this product it is better then I thought it could be. Date published: T Rated 5 out of 5 byamex from Its just ok - gets the job doneThe ONLY major issue is the cord - the volume button is positioned in a way that annoys during use. Its either weighing down the cord to sit wrong or the cord needs to be longer. This always gets in the way - but for an affordable headset that must be purchased in large quantity - I suppose this is the route. Better than beats quality.

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This means that you can hook your headset to any USB-enabled device and immediately by connected to its sound. The volume controls on both the Logitech H and the Logitech H are on the cord itself so you never have to fumble around to adjust your noise level.

The design for the Logitech H differs from the Logitech H but both seem comfortable in their own rights. The Logitech H has padded ear cups and a padded headband. The Logitech H, meanwhile, has a soft leatherette padded headband and padded ear cups. If you plan on using your headset for an extended period of time, then either the Logitech H or the Logitech H will be able to provide you with comfort. Microphone Both the Logitech H and the Logitech H have noise cancelling microphones that cut out background noises.

It is also compatible with Mac OS X or later. The Logitech H is also built for either Windows or Mac software and has the same compatibility as the H Both the Logitech H and the Logitech H come with a 2 year limited hardware warranty.

The frequency response for the headset is also the same at 20 Hz to 20 kHz The microphone frequency response for the Logitech H is Hz to 10 kHz and for the H it is Hz to Hz. The cable length for the Logitech H is 8 feet while the cable length for the Logitech H is smaller at 6 feet. Recommendation While both the Logitech H and the Logitech H are inexpensive headsets, the H has a few more features that make the pair worthwhile. The comfort and design of the Logitech H is better and will allow you to wear your headset for slightly longer periods of time.

The Logitech H also has a longer cable, which while it might not seem relevant now, if you like to move around while using your headset, you will appreciate the extra length. As an added bonus, the Logitech H is currently the number one seller of computer headsets on Amazon.


Logitech H390 Comfort USB Computer Headset- Black



Logitech H390 Computer Headset, Over-the-Head, Black (981-000014)



Logitech USB Headset H390


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