Date added: September 17, Price: Free Total downloads: Downloads last week: 57 Its additional features for searching files makes it a good program for many users. For those looking to capture Internet videos, Hafa Affidavit for Mac is a basic program that performs well, making it a useful option. Type in your query and choose the library in which you want to search, and then press "Enter" and "Search. You just need to hit the "Unlock" button to undo the process. While the app runs smoothly, it lacks a lot of the newer features in other security apps that streamline the process of creating new entries and saving them for future access. Instead, it has to be activated via the View menu in iTunes.

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Posted on February 25, Leave a comment The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives HAFA Program is a government sponsored program that allows borrowers homeowners that are in financial trouble to avoid foreclosure either through a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The program is designed to be implemented either after the HAMP loan modification has failed or as recently amended is in process as an option to sale.

Overview of the basic guidelines for eligibility is as follows: The property must be your principle residence. Property can be vacant or rented up to 12 months prior to the Short Sale Addendum SSA , as long as you can prove that it was your primary residence and that you have not purchased a unit family property in those 12 months. The mortgage loan is a first lien originated on or before January 1, The mortgage is delinquent or default is reasonably foreseeable.

Higher amounts apply to unit properties. Borrower must be able to sign a Hardship Affidavit or in some cases write a Hardship Letter explaining the circumstances of financial distress. You have to be able to provide clear and marketable title. Investors are allowed to implement their own standards in addition to these so it is impossible to detail every possible scenario. Uses a standard process, documents and timeframes. Servicer must reply to an executed contract within 30 days.

Requires you to be fully released from future liability for the first mortgage debt and if a subordinate lien holder receives a payment from the first lien holder to enable the transaction, that debt as well. Forgiven debt could have tax and credit rating impact…you are advised to seek financial and tax advice from a professional.

So in a nutshell it appears to be a great program that the majority of homeowners facing financial difficulty will at the very least need to be considered for. Please consult with a professional Realtor in your area about your circumstances and the current value of your home for information detailed to your situation.

You will be advised to seek legal advice since a short sale is not always in the best interest of every homeowner. April or Gary or email us at teamgreer tarbell. Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.


What does “Hafa Adai” mean?

However HAFA is over. It accepted no new new applications after January 1, , and existing files needed to close by September 30, HAMP has also ceased accepting applications. Although these programs are no longer available, homeowners can try to qualify for a foreclosure avoidance program through the owner or servicer of their loan, such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. One example is the Flex Modification program. Lenders may also offer in-house or proprietary modification programs, repayment plans or forbearance agreements, so check with your lender for options.


HAFA - Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative






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