Aug 07, Jill Celeste rated it really liked it The later chapters are better than the first, where Joe spends a lot of time affirming his copywriting prowess. Still a great read for copywriters, entrepreneurs and marketers. Sep 15, Joachim rated it liked it I would like to say that I think this is a good and useful book but it is not what I was looking for. The first quarter of the book is very weak though.

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Joe Vitale Dear Friend, Have you ever wondered how money-making ideas seem to flow non-stop to some people like water pouring down a waterfall, while others seem to struggle trying to come up with just even one profitable idea? That question used to drive me crazy when I was struggling trying to make my first dollar marketing on the Internet.

Now that things are different, as I now pull in millions of dollars from the Internet, I often get the question, "Joe, where do you get all of your ideas and inspiration for your products and books? I usually quote the famous saying, "Success leaves clues" and explain how I study successful people, successful marketing promotions, and find ways to duplicate their success in my own business. But recently, I had such a dramatic mind-shift that it nearly turned my business upside down.

Within an hour of when the big ah-ha moment hit me, I found myself updating my marketing and business models for all of my products like a crazy artist working feverishly on a new masterpiece. This mind-shift was so profound that it kept me awake into the wee hours of the morning and I realized that not only did I need to change the way I do business on the Internet, but everyone else would need to in order to survive.

This is going to blow you away. Now before I tell you how you can use this powerful marketing method in your own business, allow me to explain how this big idea came to me. I was worn out from being on the phone for nearly six hours and knew it was time to take a break. All morning I had been staring out the window in my office. It was a beautiful day. There were no clouds in the sky and there was a cool breeze blowing that made everything feel so calm and peaceful.

I headed downstairs, grabbed a bottled water, my small notebook and pen that I always carry with me where ever I go, and then headed out the door to go for a walk to clear my mind. As soon as I stepped outside into the fresh, crisp air, I took a deep breath and felt all of the built-up tension melt away.

The breeze hit my face and I closed my eyes listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the birds in the distance. I allowed myself to let go, and shift my mind from "marketing-mode" into a more calming and relaxing state.

I opened my eyes and proceeded down the walkway and took a sip of the ice cold water I carried with me. As soon as I reached the end of my driveway, I noticed a small patch of flowers that our landscaper must have just planted.

I stopped and looked at them for a moment, and then continued to walk down the road letting my mind roam and decompress. The mental picture of the flowers completely consumed my thoughts. And before I knew it, my mind somehow connected the petals extending out from the center of the flower with how we market our businesses on the Internet. I continued to let my mind roam, almost laughing at how crazy my thoughts were.

Suddenly, two other images popped into my mind. But this time, these images were different. These images were actually something that I could draw, even with my lack of artistic ability. I took out my small notebook and quickly drew these two images that were as clear as day in my mind.

As I looked at what I had drawn, I asked myself, "What does this mean My next "Big Idea" came crashing down on me like a ton of bricks falling off a story building.

I increased my pace and wanted to get home as fast as I could so I could get in front of my computer. I needed to jot down my big idea and try and create a better image of what I had in mind.

By the time I got home, my mind was racing - and I felt it in my gut that I was onto something big. Really big. So big in fact that I knew that I needed to document this entire process of how this idea came to me. I ran upstairs to my office, grabbed my camera, and went back down to the edge of my driveway and snapped a couple of photos of the flowers that somehow created such a powerful stir within me.

Next, I went back upstairs onto my computer and attempted to create the two images that would hopefully look a little better than my drawings. As I stared at the two images, an entire business model appeared in front of me. A business model so inspiring and masterful that I spent the rest of the evening writing the plan out. By the time I turned off my computer at AM on Sunday, unknown to me at that time, I was at the doorstep of creating a new and revolutionary fourth step to my original Three-Step Hypnotic Marketing Formula.

Bear with me here For this example, the center circle represents you and your business, and the smaller circles represent your customers. Fairly simple thus far, right? Now in order to first obtain those customers, you need to market your product or service. You could market using Google AdWords, through your newsletter, JV partners, on forums, press releases, and other traditional one-to-one marketing methods.

But this time, as you can see, all of the circles are interconnected. Can you spot the clue? We have moved into the Age of Engagement. Many of your customers are connected to others like never before. People are now engaged with what their friends, family, and peers are doing. Think about this Not too long ago, word-of-mouth was spoken from one person to the next.

Yes, word-of-mouth was a powerful marketing tool, but could only travel as fast as the spoken word. However, today is different, as words can travel quickly across the Internet at speeds of light. Within just a few minutes, word about your product or service can spread to thousands and thousands of people because of Social Media. Are you starting to see the big picture here? Many of your customers are highly connected because of Social Media.

Your marketing reach is now 10, times longer and wider than ever before. So what all of this comes down to is that there are new marketing opportunities and strategies that you need to start taking advantage of right now. Just like the information in my previous best-selling Hypnotic Marketing ebook, the opportunities and strategies within Social Media are not some fly-by-night ideas. Once I had the strategy perfected, I contacted several of my previous marketing clients to see if any of them would be interested in implementing a new marketing strategy.

Instead of selling a full course, I decided to put it into bite-sized segments and send them through email over a period of a few months, which allowed me to provide step-by-step instructions and action items.

And to ensure my methods would not be shared with the world, I had each student sign confidentiality agreements. December 19, After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to take this strategy and combine it with others which I called, "Hypnotic Marketing Strategies" and began writing a book called, "Hypnotic Marketing".

March 28, HypnoticMarketing. May 26, I pulled the HypnoticMarketing. I had too many irons in the fire and had no plans of offering this ebook to the public ever again as a stand-alone product. May 11, After telling them no no less than 6 times the guys at Nitro Marketing who handle parts of my business finally get me to agree to allow the Hypnotic Marketing ebook back on the market.

However, I agree to do it for only one week and then it must be closed forever. I was shocked to say the least when 5, orders came in. March 8, I saw the flower, got a big idea, and went to work. I decided that it made the most sense to package all of the new 2. This is the first major update to the three-step Hypnotic Marketing process in nine years! As you can see by the above time-line, the Three-Step Hypnotic Marketing Formula has been around for 11 years.

Now that you know the story behind how my latest business-altering idea came to me by looking at flowers, and the history behind Hypnotic Marketing Another term that you may be familiar with is, "Web 2.

However, when I looked at many of these websites after my big idea hit me, I found mostly poor attempts at actually marketing a product or service. Not to mention even less attempts using any form of Hypnotic Marketing. The viral marketing home runs are few and far between. And it seems that somehow in the hustle and bustle and excitement of Social Media, most people are completely missing the mark.

Very few videos on YouTube are Hypnotically compelling. Very few MySpace pages Hypnotically draw people to you. Very few blog posts have headlines that are Hypnotically written to drive highly targeted and qualified traffic to your blog. Very few profiles on FaceBook use Hypnotic Marketing to attract new friends or business contacts.

Very few replies on blog posts are Hypnotically written to instantly excite and drive readers to your website. Very few people have figured it out. That is Imagine never having to scratch your head wondering where your next customer is going to come from.

Imagine having the nearly sixth-sense ability to know exactly where your customers are, and the exact words to type to have them quickly order your product or service.

This may sound far-fetched, but I can assure you, this incredible power can be created within your business. And it all starts here. At times like this, you need to go back to the basics and concentrate on what has proven to work time and time again. Hypnotic Marketing. Hypnotic Marketing 2. The methods have and will always work.

But this time And now, for the first-time in nine years, the Three-Step Hypnotic Marketing Formula has been updated with never-before-seen information on Hypnotic Social Media Marketing. I wanted to find someone who was an expert that I could extract all of the secrets and hidden gems about Social Media Marketing from. And I did And she prefers it that way.

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