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Review of the HP Compaq s Subnotebook You will find out how well the laptop developed primarily for usage in companies of small and medium size satisfies the requirements of a business-device in the following review. But HP also has to offer quite a bit to business customers in the The emphasis when developing the notebook lay in trying to create a reliable, mobile companion for businessmen. Case As the HP Compaq s is unwrapped, it presents itself completely in black, apart from the silver HP logo on the display lid. There are also no surprises in terms of colors when opening the lid, just the usual stickers on the lower right side.

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How well does the s hold up against business-grade notebooks? Should you purchase one of these or consider a similarly-priced consumer notebook? The all-black color scheme continues into the interior of the notebook, with the palmrest, touchpad, keyboard, and trim all covered in matching black.

An interesting design change over a consumer notebook is the touch sensitive controls above the keyboard which normally activate media functions. Opening up the notebook you find the same thing around the main chassis, with weak plastic surrounding the keyboard.

The palmrest has plenty of flex on either side, with the side above the optical drive being the worse of the two. On the optical drive side you have flex on the palmrest as well as the bottom shell when gripping the notebook from the side. The only real advantage of the thin plastic material used is the total notebook weight is kept at a minimum. Black levels are average with some grey apparent in dark settings depending on the angle you are viewing the panel.

Vertical viewing angles are adequate for regular day-to-day use, but colors invert when outside of the degree up or down sweet spot. Horizontal viewing angles are better, keeping colors true even to the very edge of being able to still see the screen from the side of the notebook. Brightness levels are above average, enough to comfortably view the screen in a bright office setting. Using the notebook outside would be limited with the glossy display because of reflections, but should be fine as long as you are under shade.

Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard could be considered one of the redeeming factors of this notebook, offering a very comfortable typing surface with very solid support. Unlike the screen cover, palmrest, or case, the keyboard exhibits no flex at all … even under strong pressure.

Individual key action is smooth with a muted click when fully pressed. The touchpad is a Synaptics model, with a smooth matte texture surface that is seamless with the palmrest. The size is great without feeling cramped, offering plenty of space even with the scroll bar section. The touchpad buttons have a long throw offering soft feedback with no audible clicks. The notebook had excellent boot and shutdown times, and showed no signs of lag throughout day-to-day applications.

Graphics performance was limited with the Intel MHD integrated chipset, but the advantage of the integrated chipset is greater battery life. If you were looking to spice up your day at work with a game or two, older games such as Half-Life would run very well on the slower graphics found inside this notebook.


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