On March 3,days before the imposition of a Romanian Communist Party -led government, he was arrested together with a group of other religious figures and sent to the Caracal labor camp until that July. Ilarion Felea Inhe took a degree from the theology faculty of Bucharest Universityearning a doctorate in He was first arrested in and locked up for a year in Aiud Prison. The Kingdom of Hungary established a control over Transylvania in Many more were imprisoned for political, economical or other reasons and suffered abuse, geographically, it bordered the Black Sea to the east, the Soviet Union to the north and east, Hungary to the north, Yugoslavia to the west and Bulgaria to the south. One of the public squares contains a monument, erected in their memory. The church building was new and unfinished, and he helped complete, bless and furnish it. We are on a mission to inspire Orthodox Christians Worldwide.

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Born in Valea Bradului, a village that today is incorporated into Brad city in Hunedoara County , his father was a priest. From to , he attended primary school in his native village, followed from to by Avram Iancu High School in Brad.

Felea studied at the theological academy in Sibiu from to , earning his diploma at the end. From to , he was a substitute teacher at Avram Iancu in Brad. In July , he was ordained a priest for the Sibiu Archdiocese , and was soon assigned to the parish in his native village.

From to , he attended the literature and philosophy faculty at Cluj University , from which he graduated. In , he took a degree from the theology faculty of Bucharest University , earning a doctorate in During the s, he also published a number of theological studies and generalist pamphlets. In —38, he was substitute professor at the Cluj theological academy. In , he was appointed professor at the dogmatics and apologetics department of the Arad theological academy, where he taught until it was shut down in In both these journals, he wrote a number of articles on theology and church life, as well as book reviews.

He was taken to a crowded basement for questioning and sometimes held alone in a cell for political prisoners on an upper floor. He also passed through Aiud prison , from which he was released in January In September , Felea was arrested by the Securitate secret police and transported to the Interior Ministry in Bucharest , where he was subjected to a harsh interrogation.

He was then taken to Cluj, where he was tried in secret on the basis of unfounded allegations together with six other Arad priests. Initially held at Gherla prison , he was then taken to Aiud, where he died in The cause of death was a rapidly progressing colon cancer that was left untreated; he was buried in a common grave for prisoners.

A school in Arad bears his name, [1] and the Arad theological faculty was named in his honor following the Romanian Revolution.


Lucrari de Preot Ilarion V Felea



Ilarion Felea






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