TT selling rate is applicable for the transaction of- A. Issue of telegraphic transfers B. Outward remittances other than for remittances of import bill. Retirement of import bill for which remittance is sent by TT D.

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This year 2nd time exams are going to be held on , and Download the PDF files of JAIIB accounting and finance for bankers previous year question papers from below ward of this page, tailored by the team of project www. Interest on overdraft 3.

Cash drawn from bank 4. Cheque deposited but not collected Answer: 3 Q2: Reconciliation of overcasting on receipts side of cash book 1. Increases the balance in the passbook. Decreases the balance in the cash book. Decreases the balance in the passbook. Answer: 3 Q3: Which of the following is true?

BRS is prepared by the bank. BRS shows only excess of cash book over passbook. Answer: 3 Q4: If a trader enjoys an overdraft facility, then 1. His passbook will show debit balance. His cash book will show debit balance 3. Shows a higher passbook balance than cash book. Shows a lesser passbook balance than cash book. Shows no difference. None of the above. The rectification is 1. Answer: 2 Q7: Sales return of amount Rs. Debit sales to the extent of Rs. Credit purchases to the extent of Rs.

Credit Vijay Rs. Debit sales return by Rs. Goods sold on credit not recorded in books. Overstating of sales register. Rent account credited instead of debit. Before trial balance.


JAIIB Previous Year Question Papers (Accounting and Finance) Solved Paper

One in around month of May and second time in around month of November on the three consecutive Sundays of the month. Indian Institute of Banking and Finance is established in and nowadays, it includes more than banks and financial institutes. It is one of the premium exams, conducted by the IIBF to get the best from the officers who are already members of the Indian institute of Banking and Finance. This exam is conducted to check the advance ways of decision making and general banking management. It consists of three compulsory papers. It aims to provide advanced knowledge and skills related to decision making, risk management and general bank management. It is conducted in offline mode only.


JAIIB Previous Years Question Papers Free Download PDF


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