Velugu Needalu Jandhyala Here is the the series that focuses on the many greats who lurk in the shadows behind the silver screen bringing out the best in them, to radiate and redirect their brilliance onto the silver medium. We hope that these articles would focus our attention and applause to these true "stars" to whom limelight and spot lights do not usually beckon upon. Part 2 Continued from Part 1 Commercial movies are such an easy target. The improbability of the plot is the first casualty. How could the hero? Why does the story?

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Movies-Books - 3 comments I like humor in any form. I must have spent countless hours watching old telugu classic comedies made by Vamsi, Jandhyala et al , reading numerous books, watching tons of episodes of friends, simpsons, seinfeld, so many cartoons and animation stuff. I have rarely spent a day without laughing out hard watching something or reading something or thinking of something funny.

I am sure you also like to do the same. So here it goes, without any delay, my list of must watch comedy movies. My number one pick in this year is Smala Sussie , its a Swedish movie about a brother returning to country side to look for his sister only to find that she is dead.

Its plot is so strong and so intricately weaved that even after completing the movie you will gather new meanings for the jokes and laugh. It has brilliantly humorous references to some of the Hollywood classics like scarface, the usual suspects, pulp fiction etc. I think a copy of this movie with english sub-titles is available for watching online, watch it now if you have 2 hours and mood to laugh. My next one is Superbad , even though it sounds like its yet another college comedy, the fact is, it is so refreshingly well treated.

It is brilliantly made with loads of humor and neat story line. I must have laughed all the way from titles to credits. Another good yet underrated comedy is Head above the water , this one is a classic love-mystery-confusion comedy with an interesting plot.

Cameron Diaz played the role of an innocent and confused wife excellently. The next one is Thank you for smoking , its an intelligent satire on tobacco giants in US. The humor is so subtle and lovable. You wont ROFL watching this, but you sure would love the clever wordplay and situations. Its a great musical with lots of well written songs. A must watch if you love animation movies. The final movie in this list is The Southpark movie , its a raging comedy about 4 boys and what happens when they watch an R-rated movie made by Canadians and learn bad words.

It has got lot of well written songs and the whole movie is loaded with references to main stream media, politics. It might sound obscene for some people, but sheer strength of the satire is something. Happy Laughing : PS: The posters are copy-righted by their original owners.

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తెలుగు జోక్స్ (Jokes in Telugu)

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Jandhyala Jokes - 2 - జంధ్యాల జోక్స్‌ - 2


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