I know, but it was decided to release the system immediately instead of having to wait for the supplemental manual to be rewritten, proof read and then sent to the printers. Show only mxnual all. First class feel to the set and touch wood reliable so far. Cheers, yes, hence why it waffles on about setting it to Dsd9 mode rather than ppm or fm When the system is powered using one battery a single blue LED will constantly emit when the system is powered.

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Shall Its a tough choice! When the leds flash remove the bind plug, the leds should continue to flash. JR should have had this removed form the manual by now. This Transmitter is very hard to find.

There is nothing in the instructions about this and was wondering if this is the idea and if the two batteries need to be of the same Mah and voltage. The DSX9 looks great! I have a Kyosho Spitfire 90, I guess its not an unusual type of model to see at the patch but that uses all 9 channels on my TX!

I have no experience of the dx8 so hr can only comment on the JR dsx9 the JR stuff has allways been built to last and has a quality feel to it that no other TX gives IMO i suppose it come down to these questions. I can download the free update from their site, put it on my memory card and update the firmware myself. See photos what is in the photos is what you get. Yes, I am a kind of geek!!! I have no experience of JR although they are undoubtedly held in high regard by their followers.

Cheers, yes, hence why it waffles on about setting it to SPCM mode rather than ppm or fm Very good condition transmitter. When using two packs, if one should fail open circuit, short circuit or becomes fully dischargedthe other battery manuak provide power to the system.

My first comment is that the receiver has two plug manula saying Bat 1 and Bat Is there an easy way to find out other than doing a full range test? I just love to be able to monitor my flying batteries packs as to know when batteries are at low level and land safe. Item is in a used condition and needs a good clean. July 29, Remember that Horizon own Spektrum and can very easily afford to run the offer as a loss leader think of Tesco Both sites are fully functional from my end.

However, I can say people jt the club do complain about interference of all sorts. The radio is curretnly at the shop while they are putting the ARF togther great service for newbies, no? The Spekky sets to me do feel a bit lower quality but do the job of transmitting your commands perfectly well This allows you to replace the memory backup battery without taking the transmitter apart.

May 10, I think Smartsafe is the Spektrum term but yes thats how it works. Regards to have something new, Spektrum spent 5 years developing the technology to improve issues of interference from maual radios and frequencies; have a look on Spektrum website where they fly with more than radios on with no interference. Danny, the DSX9 is not a modular set. I know some will say that the JR set feels more solid, has a few more knobs and twiddly things etc, but lets be honest That will take some digging on your part as to the types of mixes and model types on offer in both.

Some will find this very useful. Gentlemen — complete newbie here. Anyone got any more information on the new JR set? Condition is very good. I have not quite got to grips with how you select the five flight modes using two switches, there are also switch labelling mistakes in the manual that McGregor know about.

Spekky have downloadable setups available for some Parkzone and Heli models, transmitter porgrams set by the model designers. I would have thought JR would have sorted out the manual by the time version two of the DSX9 was produced but obviously not. Related Posts


Jr Propo DSX9 Manuals

Nemi I am certain that we will send out corrected supplementals to the model shops as we know exactly how many they took on phase 1 and hopefully they will send them on to the end customer. Details are in the manual, which you can download. I find it very easy to use having had a JR and a DX7 effectively the same transmitters. You can use PayPal to send the money. They have a sailplane setup available to download there. For me, that makes it the most future proof.


JR ProPo DSX9 Instruction Manual

Just go to the website and find the appropriate manual. The plane and sailplane models have a push button. Nov 07, Power levels are only a small part of the requirement the power limits are established in ENplus there is the Low Voltage Directive which is encompassed in the EN testing. Is there anywhere in the UK as good as Hobby Lobby? Originally Posted by ptuxbury I have a question on this modification.

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