The Torah is, of course, the first five books of what Christians call the Old Testament, and the oldest surviving of the Judaic liturgical texts. The Kabala is an ancient Hebrew mystical system of thought. It is a symbolic representation of the path the Divine followed in the creation of the universe, including man. Kabbala has always been essentially an oral tradition in that initiation into its doctrines and practices is conducted by a personal guide to avoid the dangers inherent in mystical experiences. Esoteric Kabbala is also "tradition" inasmuch as it lays claim to secret knowledge of the unwritten Torah divine revelation that was communicated by God to Moses and Adam. Though observance of the Law of Moses remained the basic tenet of Judaism, Kabbala provided a means of approaching God directly.

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Kabbalah is a generic name for a vast body of knowledge and a school of thought dated, according to tradition, to the early days of humanity. There is a legend that the first book of Kabbalah has been given to Adam by Angel Raziel.

Kabbalah, from the Hebrew word kibel — received, means knowledge, wisdom that has been received by one Kabbalistic master from another along many generations all the way down to Adam through Abraham the Patriarch, Moses, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai , The Ari and many others along these lines of received wisdom.

In addition to these books the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on thousands of books that have been written along thousands of years. Kabbalah had great influence on the development of human spirituality. The creed of the Monotheism of Abraham is the existence of an Endless God that is above the limitations of time and space. God, or the Endless Light, as the Kabbalists referred to Him is as an endless power of love and goodness; He is capable of doing only good and the whole creation is emanated from His blissful Light.

This revolutionary perception of the nature of God brought to the world the belief in the right of every human being and every creature for respect and happiness since we are all extensions of the One God that is above The Creation. He sustains everything and without the flow of His bliss nothing can exist. It is very easy to find Kabbalistic principles and teaching in the core wisdom of most religions or spiritual teachings. Many of the greatest people who are considered to be the founders of modern Science have been influenced heavily from its teachings and saw Kabbalah as the greatest hope humanity has in order to achieve redemption from its sufferings.


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