Add to cart About Kestrel Weather Meters The meteorological data provided by a single hand held Kestrel weather and wind speed meter used to require expensive equipment that took up a truckload of space. Today, Kestrel wind guage meters and weather trackers are as small as a mobile phone - and cost about the same. Hardly delicate pieces of equipment, Kestrel Meters are tough, immune to the elements, and even float in water. Hand held wind and weather meters are your portal into the perpetually changing world of weather phenomena.

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Now NK has partnered with industry experts to develop a customized Kestrel instrument for construction professionals who place concrete. Using the Kestrel alerts you to conditions in real-time, using the actual environmental conditions on your job site during your pour. Evaporation rate is a critical environmental indicator that concrete contractors use to ensure they avoid plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete installations especially concrete flatwork.

Plastic shrinkage cracks occur when the surface of the concrete dries too quickly and shrinks before the bed has cured enough to resist cracking. Plastic shrinkage cracks can be prevented by properly assessing the weather and the fresh concrete conditions. Previously, construction contractors used a Kestrel Meter to measure the relevant conditions, then referenced an American Concrete Institute chart to calculate the evaporation rate. In addition to evaporation rate, the Kestrel remains the perfect rugged all-purpose construction weather tool, measuring and logging the following relevant weather conditions right where the workers and equipment are operating.

Many construction applications require documentation of conditions, which is quick and easy with the Kestrel PC Interface and accompanying software. The Kestrel Communicator software makes long-term storage, in-depth analysis and detailed charting of stored data a breeze.

A and are backed by our 5-year warranty. Innovatively designed for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes. Rugged and durable Kestrels are drop tested, waterproof and designed to float if dropped in water.


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It has the same and some added functions with some physical and connectivity improvements. Page 4 describes the methodology for the calculations. How to Prevent Plastic Shrinkage Cracks Before the introduction of the Kestrel , concrete contractors would employ a Kestrel Meter to measure the surrounding conditions, then calculate the evaporation rate of a pour by referencing the American Concrete Institute ACI chart. The Kestrel measured the evaporation rate of concrete automatically by calculating the temperature of the concrete obtained with a concrete thermometer or IR with the relative humidity, ambient temperature, and wind speed. You entered the concrete temperature on the Kestrel Take a wind speed, the meter allows you to take an average over time.


About Kestrel Weather Meters

Be sure to read pages to ensure that your Kestrel is setup properly! Instruction Manual For Kestrel www. Page 3: Table Of Contents Kestrel to its fullest potential. The first time that you turn on your Kestrel Meter, as well as after a battery change, you will need to set the NK, manufacturer of Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters, is available to answer questions date and time. Para revisar los datos, pulse el time.

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