Book 3 in the Wonderland series Professor Annie Travis is an academic force to be reckoned with. You mccary the following rating and review. Si King Paperback Cookbooks in English. King Ty is determined to show Awai that she belongs with him, and he will do whatever it takes to od her his Queen of Clubs. When A Lioness Snarls.

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Shelves: reviewed-read-by-stephanie , reviewed-read-by-athenna 3. In Bound By Desire, we visit the Kingdom of Diamonds to meet the stern yet fair ruler who refuses to give his heart to anyone, even his destined mate.

One minute Annie Travis is in her home in San Francisco and the next she is pulled through one of her paintings and into an unusual yet beautiful place. At first Annie is 3. As much as Annie loves having all her sexual fantasies fulfilled, she wants something more meaningful from Karn and it just may be more than Karn is willing to give.

This is book three in the Wonderland series and I think the best so far. Karn is a shifter and a dominate. In the beginning, Annie is shy and when she does build up the nerve to talk back to Karn, it feels like an empty threat. Sex does take center stage throughout the book but we do get a chance to see the Kingdom of Diamonds. I thought these scenes were a welcome reprieve between bouts of sex.

My Rating: 3. What he founds when he gets her amazes him. He longs for this woman like none he has ever had. She sets his body alive and drives him to utter madness with need. A virgin of all things, something he would normally detest in a woman. But with her it spurs a possessive urge because his inner beast likes that he would be the only male to have ever taken her. This urge is one that overrides all common since. Even with all this he still is unable to let go of all the hurt of his past and give of his heart.

If not for her cat Abra and her aunt Awai she would truly feel alone. Having no man ever in her life was weighing heavily on her but when a sexy dominating man emerges from her painting and takes her into it her whole life changes. Suddenly her body is out of control with need for this man, this stranger. Even though she is inexperience in the pleasures of a man she knows he is taking her higher than any man could ever take her.

If only he would let her in, he keeps her at a safe distance from his heart. Can she truly live with this man if all he can give her is extreme pleasure but never love? Every page is sexy and steamy. Be warned book could catch on fire the scenes are soo hot. I like the story line in each book. The whole world building is excellent and the characters take on a life of their own. My favorite is sill book two, Claimed by Pleasure, but this book is still equally entertaining. The entire book is quick and fun.

The story was good a little too simple but good. I will most defiantly read the fourth book when its released.

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