She has won Lux style Award for best writer. Many of her Urdu novels dramatized. She is the most selling and the most popular Urdu author in Pakistan. She is also an English Lecturer. Umera Ahmed is the most popular Urdu novelist in Pakistan.

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Thanks to kindly share the views and your reviews on this page in below comment section and what more do you expect from Nimra Ahmed now…? Haalim has completed its 18 Episodes so far and in this very month i. Readers of Haalim Eagerly waiting for each episode each month. However, Haalim each episode is published in Monthly Khawateen Digest.

We will be sharing with you both the parts on first priority to read online. Nemrah Ahmad is the author of Haalim Novel Pdf. This episodic novel was published in Monthly Khawateen Digest as a prominent Novel. Nimra Ahmed assigned every episode a new and antique title.

Each month the episode is released and is largely read. She has pointed to different bad on goings in the society and corrupt system and guided the proper reforms. To get more updates about new book posts, you can subscribe to our website. The name of Haalim Episode 23 awaited. The Title is not yet announced. Meanwhile we would like to thank all of the supporters and readers of Haalim who has been supporting the writer and share their love.

And appreciate the writer. Haalim Full Novel We are very glad that the readers has always appreciated and loved the novel and efforts of writer. However there are some who hate waiting. We understand the frustration but we want our readers to know that behind the novel there are days and nights served of writer for which the writer and their team required appreciation and not complaining.



Book reading is a great way to pass on the love of urdu to your children. Read to them, inspire their imagination and increase their vocabulary. Bookgroup Books I love the Bookgroup books for their creativity, visual appeal and simple messages. Age Group: The books start from age 3 and go all the way upto There will also be an option to download PDFs of the books and print yourself, so great for people outside Pakistan.


Chalo Kitabain kharidne by Rukmini Banerji

This online bookstore never disappoints when I want something that is different, rare, exotic, or all that and more! The books are amazingly priced and always in good condition. This edition compiles 12 short stories by Asimov, centering around robots and other machines. Preceding each story is an anecdote by the author that tells the reader of its origins.

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