Economy Booming! Postwar Optimism! Police photographers document crime scenes. The meat wagon hauls ex-button men to the morgue. Where will it end?

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The top four English language films on the list above were all nominated either for best film or best director. With the other two nominations and most of the statuettes, however, the Academy was walking on quicksand that year. Titanic is no longer in the top four dozen pictures of the year in the IMDb rankings, and The Full Monty, a fairly entertaining film, obviously had no place on the Oscar nominations list in the first place.

Films like Donnie Brasco and Boogie Nights and many others on the list above are obviously far, far better. Confidential, a revisionist noir tale about crime and police corruption in L. The story is fundamentally the story of three pretty good cops who are not necessarily good men. Ed Exley Guy Pearce is a political animal, a straight arrow, but also a weasel, a smart college graduate with the ability to spin everything in his favor.

They start the film working on separate matters, but their cases all seem to wind together, and all seem to be related to the struggle to take over the territory of mobster Mickey Cohen after his federal bust of tax evasion. This is a character study, and the script gave all three actors a chance to shine.

Of the two Aussies, Crowe was the bigger star in his own country, having built something of a reputation in Australian cult hits like Romper Stomper, but he was not known internationally.

I suppose you all know who he is now. Pearce was a virtual unknown except to the hard-core film buffs who recognized him from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Crowe is a great talent, to be sure, but is famed as much for his contentious and colorful off-screen antics as for his acting abilities.

Widescreen anamorphic 2. Confidential interactive map tour Director Curtis Hanson did a magnificent job on this film in many more ways than just the good casting and characterization mentioned above.

He did not take advantage of those characteristic opportunities for long shadows in lamplit scenes. The nighttime scenes are colorful and illuminated. Much of the action takes place in natural light, often in the hazy daylight that L. Although the action takes place 44 years before the film was made, the cinematography leaves the viewer with the "we live in a brave new world now" feeling that California embodied for post-war America.

Instead, he envisioned and created a unique new world in which his characters could breathe. Great stuff. General USA consensus: four stars. The film was nominated for nine Oscars, winning two supporting actress and adapted screenplay.


L.A. Confidential

Mar 15, Realini rated it really liked it L. Confidential, based on the novel by James Ellroy This film is one of the most popular and it is placed at number on the list voted by audiences. A list with the other actors and their respective roles would reveal the immense talent involved in this production: Kevin Spacey -Jack Vincennes, Russell Crowe -Bud White, Guy Pearce-Ed Exley, Danny DeVito -Sid Hudgens Jack Vincennes is the policeman who wants attention, he has a corrupt arrangement with Sid Hudgens, who is the editor and owner of a tabloid which prints photos of arrests, important drugs captures, but also innuendo and salacious details when it has them. In exchange for money, Vincennes provides the details of the address and the photographer from the newspaper is waiting to get exclusive coverage One night, suspects of an assault on the police force are brought to the station and a number of those inside start beating the detainees, with Bud White trying to calm his partner in the first place and joining in the punishment when he is insulted. Other journalists were present and they had the chance to take pictures of the officers beating those in their custody, with a scandal that has some victims, scape goats and some suspensions.


The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Dotaxe It would, Ellroy believed, remain tied to the printed page, too difficult for any screenwriter to adapt, and too toxic for any Hollywood producer to go near. Anything bother you about it? The movie is awash in superbly realized period details the cars, the clothes, the guns, the streetscapes, and even the furniture and ablaze with star power Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey as the leads; Danny. Makes me not want to see the movie again: Cop uncredited Marilyn Monroe Hossein Goudarzi rated it really liked it Aug 19, They never found the old man. Pierce Patchett can take care of himself. Ace them at the grand jury tomorrow, son.

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