Page 4 8. Products serviced by non-authorized persons or companies. Notes: 1. This limited warranty supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied

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Page 4 8. Products serviced by non-authorized persons or companies. Notes: 1. This limited warranty supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied Page 5 Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or Page 6 Contents Guidelines for safe and Media Page 7 Voice recorder Page 8 Guidelines for safe and efficient use Please read these simple guidelines.

Left soft key Page 19 4 Install the battery 5 Replace the battery cover Insert the top of the battery first Insert the bottom of Page Answering a Call Memory card Installing a memory card Removing a memory card You can expand the memory space Open the cover and Page Entering Text Memory card Formatting a memory card If your memory card is not already formatted, you will need to do Page 28 General Functions Note: Refer to the table below for more information on the characters available using the keys.

Rogers Mall 5. Internet 5. Media 5. Page Applications 7. Tools 9. Settings 7. Page Documents Media Images Menu 2. Media 32 LG Note: Check the availability of WAP See page 22, 37 for more Your TE message settings Page 46 Messages Push message: Change your Info messages service message settings. Info service messages are text Info message: Choose the Page 47 Tools MP3 player Menu 7.

Page 49 Creating a playlist Playing a playlist You can create your own playlists by 1 Press Menu or and select choosing Page 51 Camera Menu 7. Page Voice recorder Video camera: Convert from Changing the image size camera mode to video camera You can change the size of the Page Calendar Video camera from the standby Send via: Select to send the screen. Press and select video as a Multimedia message Page Information 7 Scroll down and enter a name for New schedule: Allows you to make the alarm or keep the suggested Page Settings Tools Memo Menu 7.

Page 61 Unit converter Menu 7. Page Enregistreur vocal Contacts Search Menu 8. Page Calculatrice Time format: You can set the time Backlight timer: Choose how long format to either 24 hours or 12 the Your options are Page Horloge mondiale Changing your Bluetooth settings Changing your security settings 1 Press Menu or and select Change your security settings to Connectivity, Page Supprimer tout Pairing with another Bluetooth 5 Your phone will then connect to device the other device, on which you By pairing Page 71 8 When you want to then access a 4 The file will be saved within the file, for example an Page 79 Opening an Email: Just scroll down and highlight the email subject line you want to open and press down on Page 80 Friends The Friends link is the one place to stay connected to all your online communities through your phone Your phone will Page 85 Accessories There are a variety of accessories available for your mobile phone, which may be sold separately.

You can select Page 86 Trouble Shooting This chapter lists some problems that you might encounter while using your phone. Some problems require that Phone cannot Page Mes Amis 7.

Page 92 Outils Touche programmable Page Installation de la carte SIM et de la batterie 1 Retirer le couvercle du 2 Retirer la batterie compartiment de Magasin Rogers 5. Page 7. Outils 9. Page Jeux et applic. Les jeux Menu 3. Page Historique des appels Tous les appels Menu 4. Appuyez sur Menu ou sur Plus la Vous Page Horloge mondiale Menu 7. Page Contacts Rechercher Menu 8.

Page Groupes Menu 8. Page Lorsque le curseur se trouve sur Fermer session : Cette option une liste de contacts amorce le processus de fermeture


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