Shami We generated 4 basic models: We visited ptagonicus main mammal collections of Argentina: Negative No adverse affects on humans have been reported. Behavior Patagonian weasels have been noted to enter burrows of Ctenomys and Microcavia in pursuit of prey. It has small earsshort legs and a bushy tail. These patterns could be indicating a retraction in the distribution of L. In contrast, potential distributional models based on Pleistocene and Holocene records made by Schiaffini et al. Two anonymous reviewers made helpful comments that improved the manuscript.

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Its fur is black, with a dorsal area of gray coloration, on the head it presents a white spot, which continues to the chest area.

However, most mustelids associate only briefly during the mating season. Males have territories that overlap with those of several females and they monitor their reproductive state through chemical cues. The reproductive behavior of this species has not been characterized. Patagonian weasels have been noted to enter burrows of Ctenomys and Microcavia in pursuit of prey. PostNov 21, 2 T A new distributional record for Lyncodon patagonicus Carnivora: Mustelidae , one of the smallest and least known mustelids of South America.

On July 11th , a specimen of L. The lesser grison, Galictis cuja, is similar to L. Although available information indicates that L. The photograph was taken in Salitral Levalle, which is a typical salt-flat environment, where the vegetation is a halophyte shrubland with dominance of Allenrolfea vaginata, Atriplex undulata, and Cyclolepis genistoide. Potential distributional models based on recent i. Within this context, our record is not included in the current potential models generated by Schiaffini et al.

Map showing the new record for Lyncodon patagonicus star and the nearest previously recorded localities black circles. Collecting year Prevosti et al. Photos by Dolsan Marcelo.


Patagonian weasel



Lyncodon patagonicus


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