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All rights reserved. Mastering Maya 8. Not only is it written for beginners, but intermediate users will find the pages full of useful lessons as well. The publisher is Sybex. In addition, the CD Rom has a link where the student can download a trial version of Maya 8.

You also learn powerful shortcuts that will help you edit more quickly. Chapter 2 quick starts the reader into a short animation project. Various 3d animation skills are introduced to the reader such as, keyframe animation, basic lighting, rendering frames and node structures.

Chapter 3 introduces the student to polygonal modeling and its principles. In addition the lessons include creating a cartoon character that the student animates using polygonal modeling.

Chapter 4 teaches the student about nurbs and curves and why they are the preferred choice for designing 3D modeling. This lesson includes modeling a MacGizmo, a 3d space mobile that the cartoon character will drive. The student learns how to make the head sneer, blink and smile using shapes and blends. These include keyframe animation, dynamic or effects animation, path animation, motion capture, nonlinear animation and technical animation.

Chapter 8 introduces the student to Character Setup and Rigging. The student takes a hands on approach to creating skeletons, forward and inverse kinematics and skinning a character. Chapter 9 is exciting because the student dives into the animation process more thoroughly and uses the various animation techniques to perfect the final outcome. These include using video as reference material, using the various poses that go into advanced animation.

Chapter 10 gets into Nonlinear Animation and teaches techniques that can be used and shared with Maya. These include creating poses, creating clips, modifying, blending and sharing clips and key poses for a walking cycle. Chapter 11 gives lessons in lighting for 3d animation. This includes types of lighting, light manipulation, and using shadows. The student also learns the importance of using paint effects and toon line modifiers.

The book also shows how to create different brushes and how to animate them. Rigid Body Animation is used instead of keyframed animation.

Chapter 19 teaches the student about using particles in Maya. Particles are a powerful tool that offers the 3D artist many powerful effects. This chapter teaches what are fluids, how to create drag-and-drop fluids, creating fluids from scratch, fluid attributes, and ocean and pond effects. This includes the fundamentals of hair systems, creating hair, controlling hair systems, styling hair, dynamics and collisions, rendering hair, creating cache and using dynamic curves to drive a skeleton system.

Chapter 22 teaches the student how to use Maya Fur. This chapter includes creating, editing, animating and rendering fur, fur attribute maps and attractors, as well adding fur to a character.

With nCloth the 3D artist can simulate any type of clothe as well asl balloons leaves and water effects. Only Maya 8. So if you want to learn 3D animation using Maya 8.


Mastering Maya 8 5

Refresh and try again. Mastering Maya 8. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Chapter 18 Rigid Body Animation. The lessons and techniques are reinforced with practical, challenging tutorials, and the CD includes tutorial files as well as Maya Personal Learning Edition software. From key basics through advanced techniques, a team of Maya experts provides you with the very latest professional-level instruction on Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited through tutorials and hands-on practice.





Mastering Maya 8.5




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