The book[ edit ] The author state that the book was written after over a year of research in Japan , Australia , America and England , and interviews with friends, teachers and colleagues of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess. Among the claims made in the book are that Masako was forced to abandon her studies at Oxford because her thesis topic was too controversial; that the Imperial Household Agency opposed the marriage from the start and has bullied the Princess, leading to a nervous breakdown ; that Princess Aiko was conceived as a result of in vitro fertilisation treatments; and that Masako is suffering from clinical depression. Reactions[ edit ] On February 13, , the Japanese Foreign Ministry held a press conference in Tokyo at which it denounced the book as "insulting to the Japanese people and the Imperial family", alleging "disrespectful descriptions, distortions of facts, and judgemental assertions with audacious conjectures and coarse logic". Kodansha[ edit ] Publisher Kodansha was slated to release a Japanese translation in , which was to contain changes.

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Shelves: asian-asian-inspired-books To begin, I must admit that I have spent a great deal of my time soaking up Japanese culture which has little to do with my heritage. I have read countless articles about the subject of Crown Princess Masako and the of the struggle to find the next in line for the throne.

That being said, I was looking forward to reading this book. My hope was to gain more insight on the life of Princess Masako and life in the palace. I was. She has learned multiple languages, been educated in multiple countries, and spent a good deal of time outside her home country. We learn she was career-minded and wanted nothing to do with marriage, especially to the Crown Prince. The author speaks a lot about the Crown Prince as well. We learn a bit about his time away from home to attend college.

The Crown Prince seems good natured in the descriptions given and seems to have fallen in love with Princess Masako at first sight. In fact, at times, it almost feels as though the book is just as much about them as the Princess herself. The author also never received any real information from the agency as it is closed off to much of the press except for what they want the world to know about the palace life.

In fact, the author references people who seem to have said nothing much at all and gives us glimpses of hearsay that he sometimes dismisses as such. Many of the latter inferences, the author notes, come from people who may hold a grudge against Masako and have no real founding. The more notable of the two: Wikipedia - site that can be edited by anyone and is often found to have no factual base or actual references in some of their entries.


Princess Masako : prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne



Princess Masako : Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne


ASC 740-10 PDF

Princess Masako



Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne


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