Yamuna , the daughter of Sun, which is black, And is the confluence of these holy rivers, Which remove all sins of the world. We are certain and sure, That you made this meet and join, To make us , who see you , as holy. That you never shut your eyes, So that this world created by you, Never , ever faces deluge. Oh, She who is begotten to none, It is for sure, That the black female fish in the stream, Are afraid to close their eyes. Fearing that thine long eyes, Resembling them all, Would murmur bad about them, In your ears to which they are close by.

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You will trip on the hard crown of Kaitabhabhida! Avoid the crown of Jambhari! The celestials pray to Sakti. Oh eternal one! Oh how wonderful! The devotee of Sakti considers himself superior to Siva. But, importuned by you, he caused this, your spiritual discipline which independently brings together as one, all the principal objects of human life, to descend to the surface of the earth. Pasupati deceived all the world. Cf SVL, verse 31 : Pasupati rendered the greatest of help to the world.

Oh Mother! The devotees of Sakti perform endless sacrifice. Oh glorious one! Sakti is Accessory to Siva the Principal at the time of dissolution. I consider the sinless one with nine parts Siva as your body. Siva is Accessory to Sakti the Principal at the time of creation. Therefore, this relationship of the nature of Accessory - Principal exists being common to both, who are Parananda and Paraa equipoised. Note : This is the view of the Purvakaulas : the relative dominance of Sakti.

At the time of dissolution Siva is the Principal and Sakti is the Accessory and vice versa at creation. Cf SVL, verse 34 : Sambhu rejoices at the time of dissolution. When you have transformed thus , there is nothing else indeed. You yourself to transform your own self into the universe, bear the form of conciousness - bliss by intention, Oh wife of Siva!

Note : This is the view of the Uttarakaulas : the absolute dominance of Sakti. Sakti is the micro and macrocosmic universe. Cf SVL, verse 35 : Siva is all pervasive, within and without.

He, worshipping whom Para Sambhu with devotion, certainly lives in the luminous plane, that is beyond the sun, moon and fire, which is invisible and unlike the visible world. Note : The arrangement of the verses 36 - 41 is according to the order of origin of the five elements, one from the other : mind, space, air, fire, water and earth and corresponds to the respective cakras mentioned in verses 36 - The devotee worships Siva and Sakti in the Sricakra within the body.


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